Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's Wrong with Women?

At the risk of being stoned to death, let me explain lol. I followed all the links mentioned in Kelly's blog to bring me to a list challenge that has been set up on another's blog. (Kelly's blog as all the links, I'm too lazy tonight lol.) So I'm not going to think about this in depth and I'm just going to go with it. Here goes (I'm probably risking every female relationship I have right now!):

*Too competitive. This is fine but it comes out in some ugly ways with women. We can't help but think we are the best and want others to see and appreciate that or at least acknowledge it.
*Gossip, gossip, gossip! OMG! I like gossip too but I have to say I can't keep it all in line. So I usually limit to gossiping with only one person lol. And I try to keep gossiping about friends out otherwise it puts bad impressions in people's minds.
*I'm right! Right sayers. That's us. I have learned being married to my husband that you just need to back down and does it really matter if we are right? At the end of the day, who's going to remember anyway? Surely not my husband!
*Know-it-alls. Why can't we just communicate without others assuming we are acting like we know it all? I get tired of over thinking what I have to say in order to avoid someone taking it the wrong way or getting all defensive.
*Friendships. Friendships with women suck lol. I'm sorry but they do. Sometimes I feel like I am pulling teeth to know some of my friends. Others can tell me everything and it seems that's all we talk about. But I like 'deep down know everything inside and out' relationships. See about lol, back to the 'know-it-alls'.
*Men. Why do we think we need them? Honestly, do they really serve some higher purpose other than giving us headaches, acting like we are their mother or donating their sperm???
*Women are catty. This has to be the ultimate thing I cannot stand about women. Why do we have to be catty towards one another? WHY??? I have wondered for years why it has to be this way and all I can figure out is that it has been this way for centuries and it probably won't change.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Published Photo

I'm not sure if this is worthy news or not but it's definitely blog worthy lol. I submitted my photo of Kamryn's blueberry cake to the online site I got it from. I found out today that they published it with the recipe. It's not my recipe, of course, but the photo is mine. It's the same one that appears in my blog. Here's the link if you are curious to see:

Blueberry Cake (photo)

FYI: There is another one posted that is a ring cake which isn't mine. I guess they switch between them after 3 looks. If you click on the photo of the cake, it will show you all photos for that recipe.

Little Lauryn

I must post about my baby girl. She is growing up nicely. Quickly but not the less she is turning into such a wonderful little girl. She is so completely different to Kamryn but yet they go so well together. Man, they can fight but they are also like two little peas in a pod. Lauryn has reached that helpful stage that girls enter into about now and it last up until 3 (I can still get Kamryn to help but sometimes it's a struggle). She puts the dishes on the kitchen counter, she picks up toys (mostly I have to stay and watch that she does lol), puts clothes in the clothes basket, puts clothes away and sometimes will even get her diaper out in the morning when it's time to change her. She's eager too. Eager to have baths, eager to brush her teeth and eager for dinner. And the fits she can throw! Stomps her feet if she doesn't get what she wants, will stand in a corner and cry if she isn't getting her way, and she will even carefully lay on the floor and start rolling around crying. LOL, this last one is funny to watch and I can't help but laugh. But ya gotta love her. She's a sweetie. She has a very sweet disposition about her but then again we can see that evil side too.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Here's another layout. Yes, this layout might have been exactly what the scrap doctor ordered in order to get back on track. Doodling seems to be ultra popular in scrapbooking at the moment. I thought I would give it a go. I often dread doing things that are permanent because I usually only have one piece of that paper and reprinting photos is a pain. I had quite a lot of fun doing this last night though. I want to add more too. I'm hoping I can find a white pen as I think that would have been awesome to use. Anyway, here is my doodling (I may change the journaling block, can't decide).

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a Funk

Ok, yes I am going to start by blaming Hannah for taking my mojo and leaving me in an ultimate state of scrapbooking funk! LOL, just kidding, Hannah! You know I love ya ;)

But seriously. I'm stuck. It's been about two weeks now. Trying to get things flowing but it's not working. I think since Hugh has been working extra that it isn't giving me time to get my creative juices flowing. I just really can't be bothered. But I'm trying ;) Plus I need some new photos lol. I know that probably sounds funny but I feel 'inspired' when I have new photos to scrapbook. Hmmmm, mom will be sending me hers from when she went to Punta Cana but I don't reckon that will be the same lol. But Hannah sure is on a roll! Have a wee look at her gallery. And without further adieu, here is my latest layout complete (ok, it's missing a date but I'll get to it lol). I've only been working on it for a few days and fiddling here and there. Hope you like it!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

G is for Grammy

The new Up2Scrap magazine is now out. I had a peek at work the other night and I'm not too impressed at how my layout turned out. It's a bit graining and dark. So I thought I would post the actual layout here for you all to see. Hmmmmm, I wish they would get their printing sorted out!

Another Thursday........

So I'm a couple of days late posting this but only just getting around to it or should I say being bothered lol. This past Thursday was Kamryn's third week for cooking. Last Thursday it was Rice Krispie treats and for dinner it was chicken rings and fries. Not a HUGE dessert or dinner but it wasn't a very good day to begin with. But this past Thursday hopefully made up for it! She decided she wanted to make a dessert with blueberries. Thankfully I still had some in the freezer from when we went blueberry picking in the Waikato. So blueberry cake it was! And for dinner we had salmon patties, mac 'n' cheese and green beans. I think her favorite part of the day was cracking all the eggs. The entire day amounted to 6 eggs being cracked lol. The last 3 were complete successes without any shell being added to the mix lol. She also really likes pouring the ingredients into the bowl. I've tried getting her to use the mixer but she says it's too loud. Anyway, here are some photos from dinner and dessert. We had the cake with custard which was very yummy!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I realize I haven't posted any layouts in a while so wanted to post one. I have added many to my online gallery if you want to have a peek, here it is My Gallery. This one I am posting is of Hugh's mom, Heather, holding Kamryn when she was only a few weeks old. It's from September 2002. I think this is the only photo I have scrapbooked of Heather and Kamryn. Back then I didn't do scrapbooking and didn't have the awesome camera that I have now nor did I take as many photos as I do now. This layout was all handmade by me. I cut the flowers freehand and did all the stitching. The stitching alone took over an hour to finish. I just wanted it simple and elegant and nothing over the top for it. And just the simple elegant title pulled it all together. I really like it. Besides I used like 8 different papers from the Basic Grey Oh Baby! Girl collection, what more could one ask for?

Easy Mac

Wow, impressive, delicious and just plain yum scrummy! That's right, I'm talking about the new Kraft Easy Mac that has finally hit the shores (or shelves, if you like) of New Zealand. Many Americans grew up on Kraft macaroni and cheese, the blue box, I've got the blue box blues lol. I have missed it soooooooo much since living here. There isn't anything close to this here. Well I seen a commercial on TV the other night for Kraft Easy Mac. WOOHOO!!! About time! I was actually going to e-mail Kraft and find out if they were bringing this in anytime soon lol. My American group was pretty suspicious when I mentioned the ad.

"Is it orange cheese?"
"I doubt it tastes like regular Kraft back home."
"It probably costs $3.49 for one."
"It's probably from Australia so doesn't taste the same."

LOL, so all of this was discussed. To my amazement, shock and ultimate happiness, it tastes like the real thing! OMG! I'm in heaven and I have to actually admit that the noodles are nicer in this stuff then the stuff back home, well from the original stuff back home. And two packets is a nice side dish for our family. It costs $3.99 for a box that has 4 packets in it. Hugh went to get some last week and they sold out. This week we got another box but there were only 3 boxes sitting there and no singles. Must be popular then! I know I'm loving it though. Oh and yes the cheese is orange ;)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Frustration & Forgetfulness

For some time now our broadband connection stops working with out browser. Now we know it's not the internet supplier since e-mail and MSN messenger continue to work. So it must be something in an application somewhere. Do we know where? No. Can you just disconnect from ihug and then reconnect? Sometimes. Restarting the computer works. Do we restart the computer 300 times a day? Yes! MAN, does it drive me up a wall! And it just stops working, no reason and god forbid you leave it 'inactive' for more than 30 minutes! Hence why we restart 300 times a day ;)

Ok, my biggest fear and one I am pretty psychoatic about is someone taking my children. Doesn't matter how or where, I think someone is going to get my kids. (I just started to type eventually and I hope that isn't really what I think subconsciencely.) I am paranoid that if I turn my back for a second or Kamryn is not within my direct eyesight that someone will take her. Hugh says she will scream if someone tries, but really will she? And with two it freaks me out more. I am paranoid (boy, I'm really telling all now!) to go out with both for fear that I may lose one. Tonight I went to check on Lauryn (I always do once before I go to bed.) and as soon as I opened her door the main bedroom light was on. OMG! I freaked out! I could not immediately see Lauryn in her cot and her covers were down at the foot of the bed. Why is this light on? Where is she? My heart about jumped out of my chest. I nearly screamed for Hugh, that's how scared I was. Obviously she was in her cot on her belly up at the head of it. She was probably trying to hide from the light that I obviously left on lol. How can you forget to turn off the light on your way out? I do this routine every night, it's nothing new. Not too long ago after putting the kids to bed, I came through the living room to find Lauryn's bedroom door open. Ok, I just came out of there and I closed that door, why is it open? I made Hugh go and check that she was still there. I forgot to close the door. The thing is I realize this happens the older you get and with kids but it doesn't stop me from freaking out each time something happens. How can you forget these things? One day I forgot about Kamryn at daycare and was 15 minutes late picking her up. I'm starting to get concerned. Is this normal forgetfulness???

Sunday, May 14, 2006


How many have seen this site Or actually taken some of the tests there?

In the past I have done tests there but it wasn't anything fabulous. But now the tests seem to be more in depth and there are even PhD certified tests. Jamie suggest I take a look at some of the Mind & Body tests. For the past couple of months, I have been questioning a few internal matters that I have where friendships and relationships are concerned. I expressed to Jamie just yesterday that I needed to be 'fixed' or have some behavioral help. She said I didn't need 'fixing', I just needed a better understanding of myself. And she pointed out that I get along with her and Hugh so I obviously can't be 'broken'. She just reckons I am picking the wrong friends or people to be surrounded by. And I think she is right.

After taking some of these tests yesterday, I started to realize there isn't anything wrong with me. It's how people deal with me that seems to be the issue. But a majority of the tests have been right on about who I am which came as a huge relief. Of course there are always things we need to work on but at least I no longer feel I need to alter my entire being because something isn't working.

I also took the birth order one that is under the family section. That was very interesting to read too. Supposedly my self-esteem is that of an eldest child. However some things weren't right as far as attention and such. But it seems I generally get along with oldest children or youngest children and I think that is sooooooooooo true. Prime examples: Hannah is oldest, Hugh is youngest and Jamie is youngest. I have the hardest time with middle children. OMG, that is exactly right! That is mainly where I have the issues. I didn't fit exactly into the eldest child outline so I would probably have a few head butting issues with older children which I have in the past.

Anyway, very interesting to read. Really puts things in perspective and doesn't make you feel 'wrong'.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mallow Puffs

This is soooooooo just like me to blog about cookies! But I have to! I'm convinced that everyone needs to see these! So I'm working my way around New World yesterday and spot these new Mallow Puffs. Hmmmmmm, pink, what's in the pink pack? I have a look and they are Rocky Road Mallow Puffs! OMG! And next to them are Banana Split ones. Ok, I went for the Rocky Road cause I couldn't afford another $2.50 for 8 of them! This packaging alone is not to be missed! I love it! First I must mention that I love Mallow Puffs. I love Rocky Road. Well the Rocky Road that I grew up on, that is. Back home, Rocky Road is ice cream and it's chocolate with marshmallows and pecans. And these Mallow Puffs are traditional Kiwi Rocky Road with chocolate, marshmallows and peanuts with a bit of jam thrown in. I can do without the jam though. On a whole I love New Zealand cookies (biscuits) and the variety is great and they are such 'adult' cookies. I mean where else in the world can ya get a Mint Slice (ultimate faves!) that is just a hearty cookie?? Back home it was Grasshoppers and they cost a fortune so you were happy when the Girl Scouts came around with their Thin Mints but even then you had to wait for cookie time and Thin Mints are just that, thin. Ok, so enough of my love affair......... Look at this packaging??? Tell me that doesn't just make you stop and wonder what these little heavenly puffs are all about??? Really, I think I may have to scrapbook about this lol.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Well I'm going to mention it because I think it's just wrong how we were treated. Then it will be done! Hannah and I pulled out of the race we were in simply because we couldn't meet the deadline of Challenge #3, we can't stop our lives for this type of thing. But man did it get ugly on the board and we are both rather relieved we don't have to deal with the 'finger pointing' nature of some people. I don't think there is a problem with being fair. We brought up some valid points about us playing and making it fair for us to play. Not COMPLAING and not WHINING (as some implied) but rather points maybe the coordinators did not think about. However, a group of members found it necessary to point fingers at us as being 'the complainers or whiners'. Whatever, that is not what was happening. No one viewed it the same as us simply because we weren't the norm and we questioned certain things. People need to chill out, stop taking things literally and just relax. All we ever wanted was for things to be fair and on a level playing field and if that wasn't possible then we wouldn't have signed up nor should international people be allowed to play. I wonder how some would feel if they were starting a marathon and ran 5 miles to finish the winner but were told they needed to wear a red shirt so they are disqualified or that everyone gets to start at this time but you need to wait 12 hours to start. Obviously we were one team and they don't want things questioned or understood. But some of the work for this race is only being done for the purposes of this race and you can tell. But I digress as you can't change some people. If you can't question the rules about fairness then it's only because it works in your favor and you don't want to upset that. Build a bridge people and get over it!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fairy Cakes

Today was the start of dance class again. Things have been tight around here financially so Hugh and I are on a penny budget for about 3 months until things sort themselves out. Unfortunately that means some things have to be cut. One happens to be Kamryn's dance. I hate doing it but something has to give and right now every little bit helps. She is only just nearing 4 so I'm sure we have plenty of years ahead for her to get back in. I know she loves it and it breaks my heart but I'm trying not to dwell. So instead I have nominated Thursdays as 'Kamryn's day to cook'. Hugh works late anyway so I thought I would see if she wanted to bake something in the morning and then do dinner for her and Lauryn at night. Well she loved the idea! So after Lauryn was down for her nap today we made pink fairy cakes. What other color would fairy cakes be? She was really good and pouring the ingredients in and putting sprinkles on top afterwards. Dinner was the big thing though. We had tuna melts and she put the tuna on the muffins and the cheese. She put all the vegetables in the bowls for microwaving (frozen vege ya all!). She got out the plates and brought them to me when I was ready to dish up. And just as we sat down to eat she said 'Mommy, you were a very good helper'. Awwwww, doesn't it melt your heart??? Then she said 'does it taste good, baby?'. LOL, so funny! And man she made sure she was awake until Hugh got home past 8PM to tell him that she made dinner. She is awfully proud of what she did and I made sure to point out that I was the helper and this was her dinner. So for 8 weeks she will be making our dinner every Thursday. I'm not sure if this will make her forget dance or if this is just as good but it has to work for now. And it's nice to see that she is soooooo proud of herself for doing it. What a lovey!

Online Gallery

Ok, so as previously mentioned, Hannah and I have teamed up for an online challenge. We are on to Challenge #2 for the month and we are finding this fun and exhausting. Poor Hannah has to work though but she works from sketches so she can whip up a sketch and put it together when she gets home. However this challenge started this week and Hannah has had something on every night so far lol. But DO NOT count us out! We are only doing this for fun and taking it seriously but our goal is not to win. This gives us both a BIG jump on our Book of Me pages and we have been having great fun. We work well together. So I wanted to share our galleries here in case you all want to monitor our progress or are just curious to check out what we've done.

My Gallery (Here you will find mine and Hannah's layouts. One team member has to upload so we will be taking turns. I'll try to put my name in the comments area and Hannah's for her layout so it doesn't get confusing if you want to know whose is whose. But for the 9/11 one, Hannah's has the skyline and mine is the one with the cd.)
Hannah's Gallery (Hannah's will contain our second challenge. So it will go back and forth like that.)

This has been so much fun. Today was a stumper but once I sorted out what I was doing, my adrenaline was pumping! I loved it and I think Hannah is enjoying it just as much, well I hope so ;)

Monday, May 01, 2006


There's a reason I don't play computer games. Not because I don't like them but because I get soooooo involved in them! Hugh often says I should check a game out cause he thinks I will like it. Well I generally just say I don't have time for much else and most free time is spent scrapbooking. But some days I need a break from that. So he showed me this game called Big Kahuna Reef. I love puzzle games. That would be where my addiction lies lol. So for this game you make a match of three or more and release the tropical fish into the reef while you are trying to get the board finished. Well of course there are like 20 fish you need to 'complete' and each fish has about 4-6 levels to release it lol. And I am not one for quitting so I have to see it out. Damn computer games!

Amazing Scrapper Race

Hannah and I have signed up for the Amazing Scrapper Race at Scraptabulous. It's a monthly challenge with challenges posted randomly on the message board. The last team to upload to the gallery loses. So I guess the last one standing wins. Hannah and I just thought it would be fun to try and see what the challenges are. They are to start tomorrow. I'm soooooo excited! This is the first time I have done anything like this and I'm glad Hannah is my partner.

I Love My Momma

I meant to post this last week but got sidetracked. Seems to be the norm lately. Hugh, Lauryn and I were heading out to do some grocery shopping and in the car Lauryn was babbling. Nothing new, she does this on a regular basis. Then she says 'mommy, mommy?' and I go 'yes?' and she babbled something that I didn't understand. And I replied with 'I love you too'. She does this all the time and I often respond this way lol. But when I said 'I love you too', she responded with 'I love my momma' lol. Soooooo funny! I'm shocked daily by the words and phrases she can say. She's at an age where everyday brings a new word. At the moment it's 'open' and 'ousigh' (outside). Some things are still babble which she does a lot of but generally we can understand her. I'm afraid she will be just as hard to keep quiet as her sister ;)

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