Friday, May 26, 2006

Little Lauryn

I must post about my baby girl. She is growing up nicely. Quickly but not the less she is turning into such a wonderful little girl. She is so completely different to Kamryn but yet they go so well together. Man, they can fight but they are also like two little peas in a pod. Lauryn has reached that helpful stage that girls enter into about now and it last up until 3 (I can still get Kamryn to help but sometimes it's a struggle). She puts the dishes on the kitchen counter, she picks up toys (mostly I have to stay and watch that she does lol), puts clothes in the clothes basket, puts clothes away and sometimes will even get her diaper out in the morning when it's time to change her. She's eager too. Eager to have baths, eager to brush her teeth and eager for dinner. And the fits she can throw! Stomps her feet if she doesn't get what she wants, will stand in a corner and cry if she isn't getting her way, and she will even carefully lay on the floor and start rolling around crying. LOL, this last one is funny to watch and I can't help but laugh. But ya gotta love her. She's a sweetie. She has a very sweet disposition about her but then again we can see that evil side too.


Blogger Hannah said...

She is so sweet, Christi!! And such a lovely little girl. I loved spending time with her, she is so placid and different from my boys, LOL! Well done mommy on raising such a beautiful little girl :-)

7:48 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

she's gorgeous -love when they are trying to be so independent & my heart breaks at the tantrums (when it's not my child of course) of frustration that they can't quite do everything!

3:46 PM  

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