Thursday, May 18, 2006

Easy Mac

Wow, impressive, delicious and just plain yum scrummy! That's right, I'm talking about the new Kraft Easy Mac that has finally hit the shores (or shelves, if you like) of New Zealand. Many Americans grew up on Kraft macaroni and cheese, the blue box, I've got the blue box blues lol. I have missed it soooooooo much since living here. There isn't anything close to this here. Well I seen a commercial on TV the other night for Kraft Easy Mac. WOOHOO!!! About time! I was actually going to e-mail Kraft and find out if they were bringing this in anytime soon lol. My American group was pretty suspicious when I mentioned the ad.

"Is it orange cheese?"
"I doubt it tastes like regular Kraft back home."
"It probably costs $3.49 for one."
"It's probably from Australia so doesn't taste the same."

LOL, so all of this was discussed. To my amazement, shock and ultimate happiness, it tastes like the real thing! OMG! I'm in heaven and I have to actually admit that the noodles are nicer in this stuff then the stuff back home, well from the original stuff back home. And two packets is a nice side dish for our family. It costs $3.99 for a box that has 4 packets in it. Hugh went to get some last week and they sold out. This week we got another box but there were only 3 boxes sitting there and no singles. Must be popular then! I know I'm loving it though. Oh and yes the cheese is orange ;)


Blogger Hannah said...

Oooh, I'm so doubtful that I will like this!! Can I dare to try it?? I've never understood the American obsession with Mac N Cheese from a packet - IMO, there is nothing like the real thing, made from scratch and baked in the oven (like we're having tonight actually)! But I could be tempted to give this a go. I'm scared ... I'm so very scared ...

4:08 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Ahhh, you must try, Hannah. Just buy one pack and then you can at least make a balance opinion lol. I have made it from scratch and love it too but mine is pretty full on. Then what isn't that I make???? I haven't made it in soooooooo long. Is yours a main or a side dish???

4:34 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Mine is a main dish, to have with a salad or something. Although tonight we had it without any veggies!! Naughty!

You won't believe I actually got a packet of this Kraft stuff from Foodtown on my way home!! I didn't go especially for that, I had to get a few other things so I figured I may as well get it since I was there!!
So ... I might have some for my lunch tomorrow. It better be good, that's all I can say!!! :-P

10:08 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

I just think of the Kraft stuff as a side dish like the noodles and sauce stuff you get here in the packs. No different really. Plus I know many kiwis who love the Kraft stuff! Let me know what you think *gulp* I'm hoping you like it lol.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Renee Loquasto said...

I am so glad that you can eat one of the gifts of God again. I too love this stuff and so do my kids!! Enjoy!!!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

How funny that there are things like Mac-n-cheese that you miss when you move from the States.

I'm not a big fan of it myself...but it'll do in a pinch for a side dish :)

5:18 PM  

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