Monday, May 01, 2006

I Love My Momma

I meant to post this last week but got sidetracked. Seems to be the norm lately. Hugh, Lauryn and I were heading out to do some grocery shopping and in the car Lauryn was babbling. Nothing new, she does this on a regular basis. Then she says 'mommy, mommy?' and I go 'yes?' and she babbled something that I didn't understand. And I replied with 'I love you too'. She does this all the time and I often respond this way lol. But when I said 'I love you too', she responded with 'I love my momma' lol. Soooooo funny! I'm shocked daily by the words and phrases she can say. She's at an age where everyday brings a new word. At the moment it's 'open' and 'ousigh' (outside). Some things are still babble which she does a lot of but generally we can understand her. I'm afraid she will be just as hard to keep quiet as her sister ;)


Blogger Hannah said...

Awww, Christi! That is so precious! Does it make up for all her crying?? Tyler is starting to talk really well now too, I forgot how exciting it is when they start to talk properly!
Way to go, Lauryn!

4:07 PM  

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