Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fed Up!

People suck and friends suck! But what can ya do??? I hate secrecy and especially where a friend is concerned. Working and friends don't mix well. For some reason in my job I have been pushed to the back burner and I know they are just waiting for me to quit but I'm not going to give them the satisfaction, they can fire me. From about Monday I have been really upset, going from mad to crying. I'm over it. Obviously I am not worth them wasting their time on me and I'm no longer wasting mine. I'm good at scrapbooking and if they don't consider me an asset then I can't make them. It just annoys me that I was there longer but yet I am the one that has to take a back seat because I can't flog my kids off with my hubby or parents whenever I need to! Or maybe I just don't flirt enough or kiss ass enough. Sorry but I don't like a brown nose! Or maybe it's just the fact that I am more forthright than most and don't let others walk all over me. Maybe I'm not willing to bend over backwards for an increase in pay or neglect my family at the expense of a job. But it also pisses me off that I could be doing that job but wasn't offered it. Hopefully one day they will regret what they have done, but seriously I doubt it as it's all about making money and how much, doesn't matter who ya piss off along the way especially if you aren't willing to play by their rules!


Blogger Hannah said...

Oh man, I'm sorry Christi!! I'm so bummed to hear that you've had such a bad week. I don't know the job situation but it sounds like they are just taking advantage of you and not appreciating you for what you have to offer. And that would upset me, too. You're one of the most talented scrapbookers I know, so I can't understand why they didn't offer you this other job.
I'm really sorry - I hope my visit tomorrow will help to cheer you up some :-)

9:10 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hi Christi, they sound really nasty and it's horrible being stuck in that situation at work (especially cos you enjoy scrapbooking, and earning a bit of money comes in handy, too). Maybe just plod away for now, but keep your eyes and sights open for other opportunities. I'm sure you'll get far, seeing as you keep getting submissions accepted for mags, and winning competitions, too! : )

8:23 PM  

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