Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sew What?

Scrapbooking is about trying new things; stepping out of your comfort zone. Since working at a scrapbooking store, I have *had* to try new things in this hobby to come up with classes. And I have tried things never before even attempted in my own work. A new challenge presented to me was to sew on my page. I LOVE the look of sewing on pages but it's pretty permanent so I didn't feel very confident that I could do this or be happy with what happened. Brenda from work just made up a sewing page for a class so I thought 'what the heck?'. And I did it! This layout of Lauryn is my first attempt at sewing and I think it works! It's amazing the look you get by just running your page through your sewing machine! I do have to admit though it was not easy sewing through the chipboard. But I think I do like the sewing and I think it will be staying around for a while so don't be surprised if you see more sewing on my future pages lol!

*Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Basic Grey paper!!! OMG! I am soooooooo addicted!*


Blogger Hannah said...

I love it! You did a great job. I wish I had a sewing machine, because I love the stitched look.

Oh, and I also love BG papers!! I've used lots of them in my LOs and I have some more waiting to be used - mostly from the new Skate Shoppe collection, great for boyish LOs!

12:52 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Thanks, Hannah. It was fun but going over the chipboard, I worried I was going to break my needle! I've used Skate Shoppe and I seem to be using quite a bit of Fusion at the moment. Did you see all the new ones coming out? Check out their website

12:55 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

I just had a look at the website ... I love the new Urban Couture papers!! And Hang 10!! The Baby Boy ones are pretty cool as well - they would be great for a little boy LO (and I do a whole lotta those, LOL)

When do you reckon they'll be available here?

1:45 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

I found your blog linked through a friends of mine, who reads a friend of yours, and hope you don't mind me reading it. How appropriate that I come upon a site that belongs to a mother of girls and a scrapbooker. I love scrapbooking, especially the photos of my three girls. I also love basic grey paper, and chatterbox, and memory makers etc. Love the layout. I will have to check in every so often to see your new ones. In case you are wondering, I am in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

That is an awesome layout! I so need to get some of the work done on my boys' books!

I've never heard of BG papers though...I'm going to have to check out the website! Thanks for the tips!

3:40 AM  

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