Thursday, February 16, 2006

Never Fails!

Well it's been one of them days so far. And it's not even my kids this time lol. After dance class today I decided to stop into Foodtown for some much needed Ginger Kisses (2/$3, can't pass that up!), no sooner than I walked through the plaza doors the damn fire alarm went off!!! Great, must be a sign!

Similiar thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago too. I get a call from the hospital that my name is finally at the top of the list to see the gyno. Well no sooner we get to out patient and they tell us the electric has gone out and we would have to come back at a later date. WHAT?!?!?! Now this is public health people, so nothing moves fast around here! And two weeks on, do ya think I've had a phone call? Nope, nodda. And this is the type of phone call where you have to drop what you're doing and go when they say. There's absolutely no allowance.

And just another 'ole stab at me today. The light bulb in the computer room blew. So I attempt to remove the old one. You are probably wondering 'ok, big deal, just do it'. Not so FREAKING easy when you are working with bayonet light bulbs! (For those that don't know, these were invented by the English to make putting a light bulb in so you don't have to twist so many times........WHATEVER!) So can ya guess what I did??? I managed to pull the bulb away from the fitting. So I tried the cut-potato trick. Didn't work. Maybe it doesn't work with bayonets? I have work to do today for my job which requires the light in my scrap room. Oh well. What a stupid invention! I much rather have my screw bulbs and screw bayonets!


Blogger Rachel said...

Oh dear! Hey, maybe you're electrically charged, and that's why you're having problems with all things electrical (alarms, light bulbs...) On the plus side, at least you didn't get electrocuted (I did once... while trying to screw in a bayonet light bulb into a dodgy, old light fitting!)

1:46 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Too bad my eletrically charged pulses don't work for anything else as in charging my husband!!! At any rate I would probably enjoy being electrocuted lol!

1:54 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Bummer, Christi!!
I hope your day gets better :-)

3:20 PM  

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