Friday, January 13, 2006

Pretty Baby

Only if the Warehouse thinks so! Only joking, I know my daughter is cute. No one has to confirm this for me, I've known for a long time ;) The Warehouse is having a baby photo competition. So when we got the phone call to take Lauryn, right away I imagined all the stress involved and wanted to say no. Then the lady mentioned that first place was $1000! Ok, what the heck, I'm in! For a $1000 I can manage a small amount of stress. However again there is a catch, there always is, isn't there? It was a $5 sitting fee and you have to buy a 5x7 or 4-wallets for $35 to enter. Ok, fine by me if they turn out great and I think we have a good chance of winning.

Well I had it all sorted on what I wanted her to wear and how to do her hair. I know you are all wondering what you do with a 14 month olds hair! I picked out the most gorgeous Pumpkin Patch halter dress with blue, green and pink dots (it was sitting in the closet waiting for this moment, I know it!) and also sorted out the hair clips and ponies. She was soooooooo cute and the picture of perfection and surely what the Warehouse was looking for! After 3 poses we were doing well. She wasn't overly smiling but she wasn't crying or trying to get down either. Well after 3 poses the lady suggested we put her in a fairy dress. Cool! I change her and get ready to put her wings on and she trips over the damn camera stand! Face first (she hasn't figured out that she needs to put out her hands to stop herself yet). And yep, there was blood. She busted her bottom lip. Photo shoot over. I doubt the Warehouse would have taken pity on her with a broken lip and I didn't want to be tempted with extra photos that I find hard to resist anyway. The lady said I could come back in a week to finish the session but I said no and had enough. So I'm crossing my fingers that one of those 3 will make the cut!


Blogger Hannah said...

Oh no!! Poor Lauryn!! I hope she wasn't too badly hurt. That's a real shame, but I'm SURE the first 3 photos would have been totally gorgeous! And if she doesn't win, then I'll beat them up for you!! LOL :)
Will you still get copies of the 3 photos they did take? I'd LOVE to see them!

PS. Read your comment on my blog, asking about the ticket numbers. We were in Row L, number 47 and 48. To the right hand side of the stage, about 10 rows from the front. I looked out for Kamryn but not knowing what Hugh looks like made it pretty hard! There were like a zillion pretty 3-year-olds there, so I didn't have much chance of picking her!
Ethan LOVED it! He didn't dance or anything, but I know he really had a great time. He's not an extrovert so preferred to just sit and take it all in :) I had a great time as well. We took the ferry over from Devonport and "made a day of it" in the city!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Well maybe i'm biased, but I believe Lauryn should win the photo contest. I hated to hear about the "bump"! Maybe that was to prevent you from taking other picture...because the others are "winners"!

Keep those pictures coming!

J :)

2:03 PM  

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