Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shared Room

I've finally decided it's time for Kamryn and Lauryn to share a room. I would like to be able to scrapbook at night without having the baby wake up. I wasn't sure how to tackle this though as I haven't had suggestions from anyone and most friends have houses big enough for each child to have their own room, we do not.

The first night didn't go well. I threatened Kamryn but after two hours of them in there giggling, I took Kamryn out to sleep in our room. Right away Lauryn dozed off. So I knew putting them down together wouldn't work. Putting Lauryn down before Kamryn and waiting until Lauryn was asleep to put Kamryn to bed didn't work either. Kamryn's done numerous things to wake her sister. So we have resorted to letting her sleep in our bed and then moving her before we go to bed. It seems to work but it is a lot of work. Hopefully she'll get it soon.

The other night she asked if she could please sleep in her bed. Then she followed it up with 'I'll be a good girl and not wake Lauryn'. I figured it was worth a try since she had to be tired. Not more than 5 minutes alone and Lauryn was screaming. Kamryn had 'snapped her hair'. I'm only to understand this as pulled her hair. Either way, Kamryn was back in our bed. Hugh says we just can't trust her and we only set her up to fail when we take her on her word. At least going to sleep in our bed doesn't get her into trouble.


Blogger Hannah said...

Wow, you are brave to attempt this! I would eventually like the boys to share a room. At the moment the computer & my "scrapstation" are in the playroom, which is fine, but one day I want them moved to the room where Tyler is now. I was thinking of waiting until he is in a big bed before moving him in with Ethan.
I hope Kamryn & Lauryn will get used to sleeping in the same room very soon!! I'm sure they will, I mean hundreds of kids do it all the time, its just a "transition" for them I guess :)

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