Friday, November 18, 2005

Bird Flu

Ok, yes, I will admit it, I'm paranoid about this damn flu! Not that it is here yet but still with the ministry announcing it's now a pandemic still makes me very very nervous. Hugh seems to think it's a tad bit unwarranted. But the other night while watching Nightline, they said when it hits an average of 10,000 a week will die. WHAT??? See it's not a matter of if any more but when. I'm very worried. I didn't have kids just to see them die from some damn flu. Nor can I imagine my whole family being wiped out because of this. What is the point in having another baby in 2 years time??? Hugh doesn't have much info on the whole thing so I have told him that as head of our family it is his job to find out what is best for us as a family. Now I haven't gone out and bought all the rations for 3 weeks but I will be starting it next week. Every little bit will help for when we aren't allowed to leave our houses. I guess I never realized that we would be seeing anything like this in our lifetime.


Blogger Hannah said...

I can understand your concerns, Christi. There is a very real threat if this virus mutates or combines with a human virus, but that hasn't happened yet.
I am a born pessimist, but when it comes to things like this I try to look at all angles.

A few points to consider.
1) Most people don't realise, but this bird flu thing has been going on for 2 years, and during that time the NZ Ministry of Health has been working on making sure we have enough antiviral medicine to cope with a pandemic.
2) The only human deaths have been in people who have eaten or been in contact with birds that were sick. There has been no human-to-human transmission verified yet.
3) Remember SARS, the big scare of 2003? This disease did spread from Asia to Canda, but then it was contained. Maybe that will happen with bird flu as well?
4) The last time there was a global pandemic, it happened as the world was finishing a war, where disease, poor hygeine, and bad nutrition created the perfect conditions for an epidemic. Not to mention today we have better communications, better diagnostic information, and better health care.
6) Other countries don't have the same things we have in NZ such as strict animal hygiene regulations, good border patrol, even public health systems.

I've gone on for too long! But I hope that I've eased some of your concerns. There is no harm in being prepared though, having an emergency kit with food/water/supplies. That is a good idea anyway, in case of a natural disaster.

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