Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm a Princess

Ok, well no I'm not. But Kamryn keeps saying she wishes I was one. Lately it seems when she is in trouble, through her tears she is saying 'I wish my mommy were a princess'. Now I am not sure what this means. I'm not sure if she views me as the ugle stepmother or just as mean. I have asked her what that means and she just says 'I want you to be a princess'. So I say how can I be a princess. To which she replies 'I just want you to be a princess'. Ok, I'm stuck. One day I managed to get out of her that she wanted me to dress like a princess. I don't have any princess garb and said mommy didn't need to dress like a princess and she could be the princess. I may have to sort out something though to see what it brings.


Blogger Lisa said...

My son (3) told me that he wanted a "better mommy" like the mommy next door. I asked him what he needed me to do to be a better mommy and here's what he told me:

give me applesauce and graham crackers (he gets those already as snacks)

take me to the park (we go at least once a week, and daddy took him more often)

and let me eat popcorn (weekly, sometimes nightly, thing during movie time).

In short, sometimes I think kids forget the things we do do for them especially when they see princess movies that are so wonderful, albeit a little unrealistic for real life. Keep you chin up.

3:27 AM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Maybe she just sees how wonderful a princesses life is and wishes for her mommy to have that kind of life!!!

or....she could just be going through that phase :)

Just be happy she doesn't run by you and say "I not like you no more! Weve me awone!" We've been on that kick for about 3 months now when Blake gets in trouble -- but they're always counteracted by "Jagie, I need talk to you -- I wuv you so much".

Hang in there!

1:34 PM  

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