Saturday, October 15, 2005

Idol Final

Well last night Emma and I attended the Idol final. Not the results show as that is on Monday but we went to the final taping for Sunday nights show. Very interesting indeed. This time we sat 5 rows behind the judges which I think is probably the best view. Then shortly after we were seated the eliminated 8 idols showed up and sat 2 rows behind us and about 5-6 seats over! And Steve was closest to us!!! Couldn't believe it. I wasn't close enough to ask for an autograph but I could turn around and stare the majority of the night and had a perfect visual lol.

Everytime I see Rosita and Nik together I truly reckon they have something going on. Good for them if they do but it really looks like it in the studio when we are there. However, I do question his sexuality. Maybe he just swings both ways ;) And last night when they came out to 'do the autograph' thing, they were holding hands.

I'm also not too happy about the Idol single either. I know I am supposedly bound and gagged, ok well maybe only gagged lol. But the single seems like it is really made for Nik versus Rosita. It's like they didn't even take her style of singing into consideration when this song was written. Pathetic! Now I hope she comes second just so she can do what she wants instead of what the Idol is to do and perform. I would love to attend Monday nights show but that's up to Emma ;)


Blogger Hannah said...

Ooooh, now I am sooo looking forward to seeing Sunday's show!!
Hey, what is it about the Idol singles?? I don't think I have liked any of them!! They are cheesy and only appeal to 12-year-old girls. Bleech.
Glad you got to have a good ole perv at Steve. Nice.

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