Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lauryn's Crawling - YAY!

Well she is finally doing it! It's taken 10.5 looooooooong months but she is finally doing it. For a while she has been pulling herself around while on her belly and just moving her hands to move her around. On Sunday she was actually started to get on her hands and knees and do it "properly". It's sooooooooo cute to watch! I forgot what crawling was like and Kamryn didn't exactly stay in that stage very long. So now she is crawling everywhere!!! She doesn't find it necessary to crawl all the time as most things are within easy reach once she's crawled about 4 feet lol! So she will still happily sit and play but is definitely mobile now. I'm happy about it and can now relax about off-handed comments that have been made to me. And last night she pulled up on Kamryn's little chair! Shocked me! She loves standing up but will generally only hold on to me and I practice her lifting herself as she 'pulls' up on me. But last night she did it on her own. I really don't want walking to be just around the corner. I once said that I thought it would be cute if she was walking by her first birthday but now I'm not so sure. As long as she wasn't mobile yet I still felt like she was 'my baby'. So YAY for my little girl!!


Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Whoo hoo Lauryn!!!! I knew you could do it! People are just gonna have to understand she's taking her sweet time, doing things on her own terms -- and the fact that she isn't crawling doesn't mean she's behind any more than it means she's gonna have six eyes when she grows up! In fact, some babies skip crawling all together. In other words, you had nothing to worry about! She came around just fine! I'm glad she's crawling now though -- takes a huge worry off your back! Walking sounds like it'll be just around the corner. Maybe she'll be an early walker! Of course, -- she may take her sweet time doing that too :) That's what precious little ones are for! :) Congrats again on the milestone!! :)

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