Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Idiot Neighbor

We've been living in this house for a year now which means our one year lease is up. In order to renew our lease, the landlords have to do an inspection just to make sure you aren't tearing things up. As they looked around they mentioned our spotty carpets. I often worry about this when it comes to an inspection because kids will be kids and I can't help that every house we have seemed to live in has damn off white carpet! So obviously our carpet is spotty from bananas, juice, chocolate cake, you name it, it's probably in our carpet! And Kamryn's 'grape juice' doesn't exactly help much and neither does the banana Lauryn insists on throwing on the floor that leaves dark black spots. When she mentioned the spotty carpets, Hugh quickly chimes in with 'we are getting them cleaned for the summer'. Ok, not sure when this will happen since money isn't flowing freely around here. Then when Hugh is signing another lease for the next year, she mentions that the neighbor has said something about the property being untidy. What?!?!?! Isn't if funny how you never hear from your neighbors and when you do it's through your landlord because of a complaint he bloody makes over some pots out the front of our door!!!!!! Do people really have nothing better to do then complain about some plastic pots just opposite our front door? He lives to the right of us, so obviously when he goes to bed the distraction is such that he can't get to sleep properly!!!!! I mean, come the *bleep bleep bleep* on! This stuff is really just stupid and petty to me. And I get seriously upset over this because it is so stupid. I told Hugh that he could complain about something more legit like our 3 rabbit cages or something. And Hugh said 'no he isn't going to complain about that cause he can't see it from his deck'. How retarded! Damn Swiss Nazi!!!! I truly hate people like that and think he has never obviously had kids or could give a shit about what goes on in our life as long as he has a pleasant view! And I say 'UP YOURS, OLD MAN! GET OVER IT!'


Blogger Rachel said...

I just love your blog. It brings a smile to my face each time I check to see if you've written something new. You're such a strong and emancipated woman, who damn well says what she likes in her blog. I really wish I was like you, but I feel like I can't be which is strange. I'd love to say that I have a free-loading, screwed up, compulsive liar, psycho sister-in-law... but I can't, so I'll just write it here ; )

1:35 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

lol, Rachel! I have a sister-in-law like that too (and wouldn't ever be allowed to say it anywhere but here either). I do enjoy Christi's rants :) But most are VERY justified. I'm thinking this man obviously has nothing better to do. Maybe it should bother you that he spends time WATCHING your house. It he has to keep looking at it and saying it's untidy -- then he needs to stop looking! Put up some currents, sleep on your back and move ON!

3:55 PM  

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