Thursday, August 25, 2005


Ok, no, Lauryn isn't crawling yet. People do not need to show or extend their worry onto me either. I know she will crawl and I will make sure she crawls before she walks. I've worried enough about her since she was born being breech and all. Only within the last 3 weeks have we gotten her to actually enjoy playing on her stomach for longer than 5 minutes! And that's huge as she used to cry and throw a fit if she was left any longer. And those that know my baby, know that she isn't one for crying let alone throwing a fit! So now she will happily play on her belly and it's funny to watch her try to move. She doesn't quite have it sussed out yet but she will get there, I am sure of it. She can move herself in a circle just using her hands and reach really far to grab something but that is about it. She 'frogs' out and doesn't know how or even try to get on her knees. We have shown her countless times but she still isn't there yet. But I have faith she will get there, I just wish others would let up on my poor little 9 month old!


Blogger Renee Loquasto said...

She is just fine! She will crawl when she WANTS to. Candy's baby just started crawling and he's 10 monthes. Tristin didn't crawl at all until 13 monthes. He crawled for ONE day and the next day he started walking. He just rolled everywhere he wanted to go. He had no need to crawl because he got where he wanted to go by rolling.

Give her time, she'll get there!


5:42 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I know how you feel. Daniel is pulling himself up to stand by using furniture, and he cruises around the furniture... but he isn't walking yet (and people ask time and time again: "Is he walking yet?" which is annoying, as it's not a race, and I'm sure he'll do it when he's ready). Lauryn will get there in the end, as she's a smart chicken ; )

1:53 PM  

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