Friday, July 29, 2005


I have these days where everything in my life seems perfect. It's very euphoric and it gives me a glimmer of hope that things will work out. It just makes me feel like I am where I want to be and all is right. Of course there are a few minor glitches (sometimes major!) but last night as I looked around before going to bed, I could see Lauryn's walker in the kitchen and my clean house (and thanks in large part to Kamryn for that!). As I took in this sight, I just thought 'wow, this is it. this is how it should feel.' I'm happy to have my little family and even more happy when it runs smoothly and we don't miss a beat. Lauryn is getting older and ever more enjoyable with all our family members. Kamryn is getting better and better with her behavior and helping out in many ways that I never could have imagined. Things were just very good yesterday which made me feel like my life is complete. On these days I often think about the future. Kids playing together, interacting in a loving way, enjoying each other, family dinners. You name it, I can't wait for it!!! And now onto today, hmmmmmmmm, I'll just leave this post where it is - on a good note!


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