Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rashes Creams Coughs & Colds - OH MY!

In spite of certain issues we are having at the moment (I will delve deeper in another post once things start sorting themselves out!), both our girls are sick. Lauryn has been to the doctor repeatly for a rash that continues to come back. Five times she has gone and each time he prescribes another damn cream. These creams only get rid of the redness and she is left with raised yucky skin which is the rash without the redness! We have asked for a referral to a dermatalogist but we are told that it's not serious enough. Ok, if going to the doctor 5 times to get rid of a rash that obviously isn't going away to warrant going to see him FIVE times isn't serious enough then what is?????? I don't know. We have a different cream now and if that does not work I am considering taking my 8 month old daughter to a Chinese herbalist for acupuncture.

Kamryn has been sick with what we are assuming is a form of flu. After nearly a week of not being able to kick the congestion, runny nose, coughing and tiredness we started antibodies. She started coming right within a day. I loved it when she was having her afternoon naps though :) So now that she is getting better, Lauryn has gotten her bug. Now our youngest is coughing and has a runny nose. Isn't eating much of anything and is sleeping a great deal. Not to mention having a meningitis vaccination on Monday which undoubtly weakened her system more. So now she is waking nearly every hour coughing but is still remaining a trouper and hasn't been too hard to deal with and still smiles through feeling so awful.

Now knock on wood, neither Hugh or I have gotten this nasty bug. I am hoping it bypasses us and leaves our house. Neither of us can afford to get sick right now. And sorry, Melissa, that you happened to catch the yucky thing while you were here. Ok, so what if that was my intentions lol! Hopefully in a week our house will be free of yucky disgusting little sickly bugs!


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