Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another ?lbs Lost

Well today was another 2 week weigh in. Hugh made me go first this time but I wasn't keen to jump on the scale. The past two weeks haven't been easy and we have been slacking as well. So I was very afraid that Dominos pizza for two nights and a Cadbury dairy milk bar (Hugh thought we each should try a new one but I discovered I can't handle the sweet stuff much any more but I did eat the whole bar lol) were going to show on this weigh in. So I reluctantly went first and to my ultimate surprise it showed I had lost a further 6lb (2.7kg) which is a total of 12lb (5.5kg) in 4 weeks. I'm quite impressed by that and does give me encouragement to keep going. I haven't lost any inches around my waist however which is getting a bit frustrating. Hugh figures I probably have lost it from other places like my legs and arms since I am using the exercise bike for my exercise. So I think I might start taking them measurements to see if there is any change. I definitely can tell I have lost on top but not much place else. I guess I can only lose so much in these other areas and then eventually I'll get to losing in my stomach area. This last pregnancy really did a number there! Hugh also lost another 4lb (1.8kg) so he only has 10lb (4.5kg) to go until he reaches his goal. So onto another two weeks..............(stay tuned!!!)


Blogger Rachel said...

Well done! What is it that you're doing to lose the weight? It goes to show that we can all lose weight without signing up to those "diet" companies and save a bundle of money in the process! : )

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Blogger nzmommy said...


We are still following Dr. Phil's eating plan but with a slight twist. I'm not suppose to have vegetable carbs at night but I don't follow that. I allow myself the serving size of these vegetables when eating at night. There aren't many carbs in my diet at all. Portion size has completely dwindled. No chocolate or sweets (or well a limited amount lol). No really, this part, oddly, has seemed to be the easiest and I'm not craving cookies or candy or chocolate. Also on the plan you should have a snack every 2-3 hours depending on when you have your meals but I can't always fit it in so I just skip it. However, if I get hungry, I do eat the fruit or veg I was suppose to have as my snack. Also I have been exercising (unlike my other half!). I have been using the jump rope (not much though, can only manage about 35 "jumps") and using the exercise bike for about 35 minutes a day if I get around to it. I would say I use the bike about 5 times a week on average. Some days I just can't be bothered lol!


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