Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Slow Baby???

Ok, Lauryn's slow rate at which she is reaching her milestones is driving me nuts. Generally it doesn't effect me until I read my November mom message board or I think about how old so-n-so's child was when they did something. This has to be the worst part of being a parent. Seeing other kids thriving and yours isn't doing much other than wobbly sitting. Lauryn has no interest to do anything. She is sitting but we still have to put a pillow around her or she falls to the side or backwards. She hasn't figured out how to put a hand out to stop herself from falling. And crawling???? YEAH RIGHT! She hates being on her stomach and can only stand being there for about 5 minutes and then throws a fit. She will bare weight on her legs but only if I hold her up. She has no interest in standing though. And I know the whole speel about babies developing at different rates but ya know what???? That DOES NOT ease my mind at all wondering why she is slow to do things. Ok, so she was breech but does that mean the slower she is to do things will constantly be blamed on the fact that she was breech??? I'm all for keeping her a baby for as long as possible but why can't everyone else's baby slow down???? Honestly, what's the rush????

On while I'm on the topic of babies, why must I have a period every 2 damn weeks???? I'm taking the mini pill and the lovely pamphlet included in the box basically says you can expect irratic bleeding. Ok, fine but a period every two weeks for 3 months?????? And it's not like I can just make a doctor's appointment to discuss this with him at $45 a pop so I will wait to talk to him when I have to go in for my thyroid. But still, too much bleeding is too much bleeding! Ok, my rant ends here.


Blogger Rachel said...

oh dear! Ya know ... when I think about my boys' milestones it seems that they were a bit slow to do things. Daniel was rolling at 6 months, crawling at 8 months, and sitting up and standing at 10 months. Luke was much the same, but walking by 11 months from memory. It sounds like you need to not receive those November Mom newsletters as they're making you stressed. I tend to get stressed when I see the children of my other friends and I started thinking/comparing them with my own. Especially when it comes to 'language' abilities, as Luke's two friends appear streets ahead in expressing themselves with their words. That said, Luke has improved A LOT over the past 8-12 months after I called the Speech Therapist in twice. I guess none of us can help doing these comparisons to some degree... and I know it's cold comfort to say that each baby/child does things at their own rate, but I'm sure that Lauryn is fine as.
About the period thing... that sucks! I haven't had a period since conceiving Daniel around October 2003! Long may being period-free last!! I really hope that your period problems are to do with the mini pill and not anything else. What pill are you on? I'm on Femulen

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