Thursday, June 09, 2005

Love Being a Girl

Wow, I never really thought I would see the day that my own daughter truly enjoyed wearing dresses or skirts. For nearly 3 years I have been dressing her in the cutest wee dresses and have recently moved to skirts since she is now potty trained, in the hopes that she would love to wear them. I love making her look ultra girly and cute! (I'm not against jeans or overalls or things of this nature either as it's just as cute!). I was a tomboy and never got to enjoy girly things as a young girl so I wanted to make sure my daughter(s) did. Many of Kamryn's dresses will be passed on to Lauryn and of course Lauryn will acquire a few new ones of her own. But it has finally happened! The day has finally arrived where my daughter actually asks to wear dresses or a skirt! As a matter of fact, if I suggest she wear a pair of pants she protests and says 'no, I want to wear a skirt'. It's fabulous! So yesterday I got to do a HUGE skirt shopping trip to the Fox Mall at the Pumpkin Patch discount store and man I was in heaven (I just love Pumpkin Patch even though we can't afford it all the time)! Kamryn ended up with 6 skirts and many shirts. She loved them as we did the shop while she was at day care. Lauryn ended up with a couple of things as well. I know this girly stage could potentially be short lived since I am not the most girly person in the world but I am hoping it sticks around for a wee while and will even be happier for it to stick around for forever!

Now we have purchased a sewing machine and I am going to try my hand at actually making so things for both girls. I hope I can pull it off as I get very determined but if it all seems to hard I give up. Just bought a summer dress pattern today so can't wait to start searching for fabric!


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