Sunday, June 05, 2005

End of an Era

Well it seems I am done breastfeeding now. I have been working towards this but there are many emotions involved with stopping or knowing that I am completely done now. I'm mostly sad but at the same time know the pressure is off and I don't have to be available now to do the feeding. I am not emotional about it and haven't cried but have thought more about how quickly Lauryn's babyhood is going by. I think back to 3 months when she refused to take a bottle but I persevered and she took it. I do pat myself on the back for sticking it out for 6 1/2 months and I feel lucky enough to have gotten that amount of time at doing it. I LOVED breastfeeding and it would have been nice to continue to at least a year but I am proud for the time I have given it and for the bond that Lauryn and I now share because of it. That was the most important part of it and the main reason I stuck with it. Now hopefully with number three I will be able to do it longer and feel like I get more and more experience with each baby. Let's just hope there is a number three in our future!

In other news lol! Lauryn is now sitting by herself. Just within 2 weeks she has made a dramatic change and it sitting very well on her own. She falls back or to the sides every once in a while but last night I watched her recover from falling. It's amazing to watch how much strength she has built up in such a short time period. I am not looking forward to her crawling only because that means I have to keep my floors cleaner lol. But it would be nice for her to play with Kamryn and be able to follow her around to do that. Lauryn seems to be more laid back and taking things slower and that's ok by this mom!


Blogger Rachel said...

Well done with the breastfeeding! I reckon you've done a great job, and have stuck it out for as long as you can without going nuts. I'm still feeding Daniel 4 times a day (he's now 10 months old), and he still seems interested, even though the feeding length has shortened dramatically (now about 5 minutes a side). I'm amazed that Lauryn is sitting up already! Daniel has gotten stronger these past few weeks and only really sits up well now. Still, it won't be long before he gets cruising.
Rachel : )

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