Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Weight Loss & Hobbies

*First of all before I make this post, I do not need to read comments about how we need to lose weight or anything negative of that nature. Keep it to yourself!*

Hugh and I started the Dr. Phil weight loss plan two weeks ago. It was a mutual decision made by both of us to start this. With me not breastfeeding I felt I could attach my body a bit harder without it affecting Lauryn or my supply. So I got Dr. Phil's weight loss challenge book from the library. I thought, 'ok, 14 days for the rapid start plan was nothing'. Basically it's just like a detox for 14 days and then you move on to Stage 2, not staying in the Rapid Start Plan any longer than 14 days. So we did that. I am impressed by Hugh's dedication as it is hard for him when he is at work and cutting back on tea consummtion wasn't easy either. I have been exercising where Hugh has not. Well today was our weigh in. Hugh lost an astounding 11lb (5kg)!!! But we all know men lose it faster than women. I on the other hand only lost 6lb (2.7kg). Which I had already said I wanted to lose at least 5lb to continue on with this plan. So onto Stage 2 we go. Hugh reckons I have probably gained a bit of muscle with the exercise and plus I have the thyroid disease working against me. So he says I should be impressed with that I have lost. It just gets my goat as he only has to lose 14lb (6.3kg) to reach his goal. I'm not even going to discuss what I have to lose.................

Hobbies! Why is it that any hobby worth doing costs an arm and a leg??? I had this great idea to start quilting. Geesh, what a fortune that is! Those that have seen my scrapbooking area will know how much money I have in just paper and embellishments alone. So I can't forsee jumping out there to quilt. I have already taken some books from the library to see if I can teach myself. Already found out today that I don't have the proper sewing foot for our machine to do some things :( Looked at taking a class to learn the basics and all up it will cost $110!!! WOW! We don't have that money and things are tight for us as of late so quilting may have to go on the back burner for a while. My main reason for wanting to learn is that I want to make our children quilts from their clothes and give them when they are older. Maybe I can teach myself to do it. I will be trying it out on my own for the next couple of months anyhow. Ok, one baby crying in the background, must go!


Blogger Rachel said...

First of all: Well done you!!! It's fantastic that you've lost almost 3kgs in that space of time!! I've been interested in the Dr Phil plan, and it seems way better than any "diet" cos it's not a diet but a lifestyle that you're changing. I'm so happy for you guys!! : )
Now onto the quilting... isn't it a pain that hobbies can cost an arm and a leg to get into?? It's all the set up costs... but once you're in, and have a good stash of materials, you're A for Away. I have this old work mate who's really into her quilting, and I used to talk to her about it all, as I am keen on it (but never got around to starting... usual story!) The actual quilters foot for your machine doesn't cost too much (the main thing is to see whether or not there is one compatible with your sewing machine model/make). Do you see those quilting shows on the Living Channel? I find them really interesting. I guess what you could do is research using the Net and the Library to find out all you need, instead of going to a beginners course (though I'm sure that would be useful). Are there any classes on at your local community centre? Are there any groups of quilters that meet up in your area? (Maybe scan notice boards at your community centre or library). Maybe you could sign up to some online quilters forums? I'm sure you've thought of all this anyhow, but I'm just thinking out loud really. Would you like me to get in touch with my old work mate for you? Good luck!! You're so crafty and talented, you'll succeed no matter what : )

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Blogger Rachel said...

Hi - me again!
I took the opportunity to contact my friend Linda, and here is what she said:

Perhaps your quilting friend needs to borrow a good book...
Alex Anderson writes good beginners books, and they are available from
Grandmothers Garden

They have good prices on things I find, although sometimes you have to wait for the next shipment.

A good website for block patterns is :

I hope these help her get started, she can email me if she wants to. I'll try and find out if there's a group up there.

Hope this helps!

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