Sunday, June 12, 2005

Kids, Who'd Have 'Em???

OH MY GOSH!!! Why is when one child is pissy the other is as well??? Ya know, if Lauryn isn't fed at exactly the moment she is hungry then she is just cranky for the rest of the damn day! Scoots down in her high chair which annoys me something awful so now I am strapping her in. And why should I have to do this? There is a tray in her way, she isn't going to fall out. But I assume I have to do it just because that is ONE MORE FREAKING THING I HAVE TO DO! Like there isn't enough to do around here, I have to take the 2 seconds it takes to strap her in. Then once she is actually fed she just whines and carries on. So straight to bed for her and of course she protests to being put down as well. Hmmmm, now Kamryn. Man, she just gets under my feet something bad. I scream and yell because I am at my wits end already at 10:45AM! I hate being told 'no' with a passion! So I tell her to quit whinning like she does (which already is worse than someone scratching their fingernails down a damn chalkboard) and she says 'no'. Right, off to your room then and the door is being closed! Man, my blood is boiling! Already this early in the morning I get to feel like the ogre for the day. Hugh is at work so I can not shut myself away for half the day but I am for the next 10 minutes! Carpet cleaners are coming today so of course things have to be off the carpet don't they or how else is the bloody carpet going to get cleaned! Now let's see if this little 10 minute break has done anything for either of my children. I seriously doubt it but at least I got a moment to vent here not that my blood pressure is any lower. A third baby??? HAHA! Yeah, at the moment I can't see it happening until they both are in school!


Blogger Rachel said...

oh no - it sounds like you're having a super $#%! time. If only we mothers could have a break away from it all regularly. I am having a break down south soon, but I wouldn't class it as a break away from it all (as it's all coming with me!)

9:35 AM  

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