Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Today Kamryn got to see snow for the first time. Ok, so it wasn't exactly real snow but even so she enjoyed it! Outside of Silverdale there has been an indoor ski slope built called Snowplanet. And next to the actual slope on the snow is a kids play area. So they can sled down the hill or play with blocks on the snow or even have snowball fights. Basically whatever they want to do. I didn't realize just how cold snow was lol. After not seeing the white stuff myself in nearly 5 years, I forgot everything about it. I know that our household does not have any snow gear. I wonder just how many New Zealanders actually have snow gear besides the ones that live in snow areas or who ski regularly??? We didnt have have mittens or gloves for either child. So we had to stop at the Warehouse on the way there lol. Kamryn really enjoyed playing in the snow though. She wasn't so sure about the sledding but did go down 3 times. She tried making a snowman but wasn't hugely successful at it. Even managed to throw a few snowballs! Hugh stayed with her as Lauryn and I watched from the cafe that was at the bottom of the ski hill. Really cool! We will hopefully get the chance to see some real stuff in a couple of years!


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