Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ah, The Walk From Hell!

Whenever we are out doing something, Lauryn generally stays awake until she possibly can't any more. Such is the case when we go grocery shopping. We never do all of our shop at one store so this sees us going around to about 3 different ones. I always push her in the stroller and hate it when she nods off. As she usually nods off at the end of our shop. Then as soon as we arrive at the car, she is awake. Which usually means she has only had about 20 minutes sleep.

Well last night as we were leaving the store, I asked Hugh if I could walk home for the purposes of keeping Lauryn asleep or getting her to have a decent doze. Now I only asked him cause I wasn't so sure I would make it home lol. I could just see myself stranded on the side of the road somewhere unable to make it home cause I couldn't manage the walk any more lol. He said go ahead. Now mind you, I could see a dark cloud rolling in but was hoping I wasn't going to catch it. This is the main reason I don't walk much in winter because of the damn rain!

Well as I set out on my journey, I realized we lived further away from the Plaza than I had originally thought lol. Nevermind, Hugh was already half way home so I didn't have a choice now. I was quite impressed with myself as I tackled small hill after small hill and felt pretty good. It wasn't until I reached Little Manly Beach hill that I thought 'oh shit, what the hell did I do this for!' Oh, I must let you know that I didn't have a phone or watch so I couldn't call Hugh and I had no way of knowing what time it was either. I made my way up the hill and about a block and a half from home it started to rain. Ok, so it wasn't a full on pour or anything but New Zealand weather can turn on a dime and I knew if I kept going in the sprinkle (yes, I said sprinkle) then knowing my luck it would start pouring right before I got to our drive. So I stopped and had a look at Harcourts for about 5 minutes lol. Then I finally made it home, not before almost falling on the road trying to cross to our drive because my damn foot gave out.

So I made it home in 40 minutes which was pretty good. Hugh was going to give me 55 minutes before he came looking for me lol. Bless him! I would like to do this more often but can't commit to exactly how often. Oh and if you were wondering, yes the baby did sleep ;)


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