Monday, July 25, 2005

Lost Photos

For those that don't know, our hard drive was reformatted nearly a week ago now against my wishes. Our computer started to play up and I didn't get around to saving 2 months worth of photos and then Hugh and a mate reformatted the drive. So I was fuming!!!!!! When Hugh told me what had happened he followed it up by saying his mate had an application to retrieve lost info. Well after two days of mucking around, no data was retrieved. So I took it upon myself to have a look online at for a program to retrieve lost photos as that was the most important to me. I found DiskInternals Flash Recovery. After installing that it took a day to come up with 200,000 recoverable pics. Now your hard drive records every photo it's ever seen! So we were getting pics of pointers, buttons, message board tags, etc. It was all in there. So it took another day to sort through all of the photos. In the end we came up with 10,000 that we wanted recovered. Well of course the free trial was only enough to show you that it could get them and you had to actually pay to retrieve them. I didn't care what I had to pay as I could see that my photos were still there and I wanted them. So that is what I did. And then it took us another day to sort through 10,000 photos and many were duplicates. However, I am happy with what I got back and a majority did come back. I can barely remember a few that I am missing. At any rate Hugh is spared going through a divorce over this whole matter! He also recently found another software called PC Inspector File Recovery to get back some of our files. While looking through it we have now recovered some more photos (the ones I knew for sure I was missing but they weren't HUGELY important) but most are corrupt so we will be looking for something to fix them. Overall it has been a success and if you ever have the same problem or a husband that just doesn't listen then I do suggest you use the same programs as you won't be disappointed!!!


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