Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just a Job

I have now thrown myself into the New Zealand work force. Ok, so it's not anything huge but it is my first time working here. I recently enquired about a job at a local scrapbooking store (didn't know it was there until Melissa pointed it out). The owner contacted me and on Monday we met up and then I was given a job. I don't think there were many or any contenders for that matter. However, they were looking for an advanced teacher and after looking at my work he agreed that my scrapbooking was advanced. He seems rather confident that I can teach advanced classes but he hasn't given me much to go on. So it's basically up to me on what I would like to teach. Starting next week, I will be teaching beginning and intermediate classes which should be fun as I love scrapbooking! It's a seriously part time job and will probably only be about 8-10 hours a week but that's enough to help save for our trip to the US that we would like to take next year. And if it doesn't get us there next year then it will for sure in 2007!!!


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