Friday, September 02, 2005

Missing in Action

Just when I think I have a good number of friends, a majority of them go missing! I understand that most are probably busy as am I. But even a small e-mail to say 'I'm doing well just having a hard time e-mailing and thinking about you' ;) would be nice and let me know at least you have not forgotten me or that I haven't in some way, shape or form pissed ya off. Fifteen days is a long time to go without hearing anything between close friends. I just always think that I can't be so busy that I forget about my friends or even drop them a short e-mail to let them know what is or has been going on. Ok, Jessie, if you read this, I am ok with you only e-mailing me every couple of months as your situation is completely different than most! I also believe I am probably not as big a priority as other friends but I think it's only fair that I am a priority. Ok, I don't expect to be a priority over family and children, that's just silly. But on a friendship level, I expect to be a priority. How else does one maintain a friendship if you don't make your friends a priority? Ok, I am done with my rant for today but none the less it will probably come up again in another 15 days lol!


Blogger Rachel said...

Hey Christi
I have a handful of friends (literally, five, including your gorgeous self!) that I try to keep in touch with, at least weekly. But when a crisis happens, or I'm having a shitty time (tired, bogged down, family nightmares to contend with (eg. my brother who's been diagnosed psychotic), my friends have to wait a little longer for a phone call, internet chat or email, as the way I see it, none of us are Superwomen! : ) However, if I took a leaf out of that womans book in Desperate Housewives (the one with the crazy boys), maybe I'd be able to cope a bit better, and keep all my balls in the air? Has anyone tried the stuff and does it work?? ; )

3:39 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Well, I TRY to at least make a habit of catching up with you once a week, but that doesn't mean I don't think about ya. Sometimes, life just gets way to hectic. I don't do well with email and it's always best just for a quick "hi" on messenger. Sadly, I wish MSN would allow you to leave offline messgaes because that would be so much more easier to keep in contact with people. If only I didn't have work, family, my animals or life, lol! But It is very important to make friends a priority :) Cause ya never know who's day you may make by just saying "hey" :D

3:46 PM  

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