Thursday, September 01, 2005

What's in a Nickname?

I'm not sure what sparked the discussion between Hugh and I yesterday but I learned that he doesn't really care for my choice of nickname for Lauryn. The nickname I use for her is Chubby. I don't know why it has stuck or where it came from. I think it might have come from the fact that she hasn't actually ever been chubby. Ya know, that reverse nickname stuff like when big guys are called Tiny or Slim or something of that nature. I have called Lauryn Chubby for probably about 7 months. Hugh never stressed that he had problems with it. He simply told me yesterday that he thought there were better names I could use instead of Chubby. I pointed out to him that he used it as well and he said he tried not to. He says Chubs instead of Chubby. He prefers his nickname for her which is Little Miss which I hate! Kamryn calls her both Chubby and Little Miss. I know my friend, Melissa, doesn't care much for Chubby either and says I might as well call her Fatty lol. I'll obviously stop calling her Chubby at some stage. I just wish I could *think* of a better nickname. Oh, yes she responds to both Lauryn and Chubby, not Little Miss so much!

Now Kamryn's nickname has been one she has had since she was born. Her nickname is Pookie. It started out being Puka. From there it went on to Pookie and sometimes it's Pooks or Pook-a-mundy. Sometimes I have caught Hugh just saying Mundy. More often then not these days it's Pooks. When she was a baby I liked calling her a little puka and I thought puka looked Maori. (Don't question me as to why I wanted her to have a Maori looking nickname lol!) So it just stuck. Often people wonder why we named her Pookie lol. Too funny really! For a while we probably used her nickname more than her given name. I know again many people thought the nickname was odd. But forever she will be known as Pookie, Pooks or Pook-a-mundy. It's just stuck. Hugh and I never disagreed over her nickname. I guess we just have to sort out one we can agree on for Lauryn.


Blogger Rachel said...

I dunno about "Chubby" as a nickname... it reminds me of my nickname as a kid ("Titch" - I was on the small side) and I hated it, and I'm sure it gave me a complex about being small - not a good confidence booster. Still, it's a different situation from Lauryn's cos she isn't exactly chubby... it's a tricky one!

2:49 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

I think a Nickname is just a nickname! It doesn't mean anything. It's more of a "love" name than anything. They call me "Jagie". Even at work a lot of my friend call me Jagie. It's just a nickname that my 15 year old niece gave me when she was just a toddler and it's stuck. I call my great-nephew "Shorty". He's no more "short" than the next kid. But, it's kinda the same reason you call Lauryn "Chubby". Blake's destined to be tall with a 6'7 dad and a 5'11 mom. He'll always be "Shorty" to me :) I don't think it'll hurt anything calling her "Chubby" as long as you kinda abandon it before it "bothers" her. A nickname is just that -- a name. No harm - no foul :)

3:39 PM  

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