Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why Can't People Listen?

Why is it people, family in particular, can't follow family rules we have set in our house? We have rules in our house for a reason. And if there is a conflict when it comes to babysitting our kids and you can't follow those rules then you don't need to be babysitting our kids. No sweat off my back! And if we don't want certain people in our home or to see our children while we are away then that doesn't mean you let people come over. If we aren't good enough to visit with when we are home then you sure as hell DO NOT take advantage of others babysitting our children and using it as a chance to see our kids. That is one SURE FIRE way to piss me off especially when a phone call was made prior to inform of our decision. Now all family involved will be lucky to babysit our girls in a looooooooong while! And I'm sorry but when you blatantly ignore a specific rule that is told to you then you are getting in the middle whether you like it or not. And our family is just that, OUR FAMILY, it consists of me, Hugh, Kamryn and Lauryn. That is all we have to look out for and trust has once again gone out the window. And if you have problems with me or Hugh then you sure as hell don't get to see our girls! It doesn't work like that. We pick and choose who we want our children to have a relationship with or who gets to see them. So if you can't visit us when all four of us are here, then you don't get to see them any other time! BOTTOM F*%#ING LINE!


Blogger Rachel said...

Man, you sound pissed, Christi! What went on? Let me guess....
Your MIL tried to go behind your back and see your girls without you knowing? That would annoy me to the max, too, especially when you may not ALL see each other (the inlaws, you, Hugh and the girls) most of the time...
I know it sounds cliched, but I totally understand, and sympathise with you : )

8:59 AM  

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