Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ever Wondered........

How attractive a redneck hillbilly is? Wonder no more, have a look:

These are the type of men that the world could do without. Why type a message to a wonderful person to say you can't stand her online ad pic? Only to what, hurt her feelings? Make her feel bad? Why do people like this go out of their way to hurt other people? The funny thing is, is that she didn't even message him. He simply came across her ad and found it necessary to tell her that he didn't like her pic and that it made him want to throw up. Come on!!!! Is this all the world has to offer? No, I know it's not all it has to offer. But we all know that it only takes a few people to make us think that this is all the world as to offer and we give up hope. This man has nothing better to do then to go along and make someone else's day shitty simply because he is feeling shitty. Get a hobby, dude! Lucky for him, Jamie doesn't take this sort of thing to heart and can move past it. But like me she wonders why he even bothered wasting his precious time to leave such a horrible message if she wasn't worth his time lol! How fucked is that? This is the twisted shit thinking I had to deal with in the States too. I am glad I am happily married and far far away from Fuckedupville! Jamie, good on ya for not letting this effect ya, you probably handle this better than I would. (((HUGS)))


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