Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Husband Throws a Tanty!

First I want to start by mentioning that generally my husband is clued in and isn't so bad considering what I ask of him but then some days he just really pisses me off! I work on Wednesdays. Ok, that's something that happens every Wednesday, it's not spontaneous. As per usual our Wednesday was rushed again today. I need to get my handouts organized and printed. Hugh had to get the cat to the vet and the girls to the doctor at 11:30. I had to leave for work at 11:45. So the morning was very rushed and I didn't have time to explain in detail what needed to be done. I get home from work at 3:30 (class ran over) and nothing had been cleaned or picked up, the baby was awake, had only had one bottle and Hugh didn't even manage to get formula for the next bottle. One Lauryn should have had lunch already, another bottle already and she should have been sleeping at 3:30 (kept her up late) instead of having her lunch. Ok, whatever, that didn't bother me. We go to pick Kamryn up from day care and are on our way to the grocery store. Kamryn's making obscenely loud noises in the back seat and I asked Hugh what she had for lunch. Do you know what he says???????? Come on, guess? A raspberry lamington cause that is all they had time for! Nice lunch for a 3 year old! I asked why and he said cause they didn't get out of the doctors office until 12:40 and their appointment was at 11:30 and Kamryn needed to be at day care at 1:00. So I said don't ever let her go to day care with having only ate that. You could have taken her late to day care as long as she ate properly. So he gets thoroughly pissed and slams on the brakes and pulls over and says 'you do everything then, I'm walking home'. Whatever! So he gets out and proceeds to walk home and I go grocery shopping. Now I have to leave for work again at 6:15 which he knows and it's already like 4:45. As I'm heading home from shopping, I see him walking so I pull over (nearly hit him with the car) and tell him to get in cause I have to be at work (it's nearly 6:00 by now). He ignores me and keeps walking. So I drive on home and he walked through the door at 6:10. In the meantime I am having to deal with feeding rabbits, getting Kamryn in the bath, trying to get Lauryn to sleep and getting my beginners handouts sussed all while he is bloody casually walking home knowing I have this class. I don't even get out of the house until 6:45. How nice is that? How stupid am I going to look showing up unprepared? Obviously a lack of consideration for my job!

And now! I get home and do you think that anything has been done? Absolutely not! And as a nice welcome home sign there's a basket full of unfolded laundry sitting in the chair, kids toys all over the living room floor, and Hugh's in bed at 9:30! What do ya do with that????? It took him an hour and a half to walk home but he obviously didn't think about me or what I needed to get done. What's the point? Really what is the point? When he throws his tantrums all the world stops and it's all about him throwing his fit and you just have to get over it when he does. That's not right. So him and our neighbor and *&%#-off together!


Blogger Renee Loquasto said...

You have pissy pants:). I know they can be annoying, but you GOTTA love em'!!!

10:23 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Goodness me... he kinda asked for it, though, having given a 3 year old a sugar-filled lamington for lunch!! Goodness knows what Bruce feeds the boys while I'm working. I think, well, he is their Dad and should have some idea about the healthy food pyramid. But if he slips up now and then, I don't want to know : )

2:20 PM  
Blogger Leighanne said...

I love the way you write!!
Hope your day is better today:)

12:49 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Well, Well, Well! LOL! Sounds like he's thrown another "my way or no way" fit. What can you do but shake your head, let them throw the fit and then move on. What i've figured out is that Men are not much better than children. They're good for a few things -- but once you've got that out of them -- they're pretty much just another kid. Maybe I'm jaded as i've got a lot of older, single, female friends who have passed on their wisdom to me. Unfortunately, we shouldn't have to suffer reprecussions from their "issues". For the most part, i've learned not to expect much from most men (even from living with my niece and her husband. He's about as worthless as a blade of grass -- and is lucky if he decides to work a full week. It's ok for Jenni to have two jobs and work 80 hours a week but he wants to work 15 hours and play basketball). Like I said -- maybe i'm jaded. I know ya have to love them -- but if they'd just get their heads out of they're ass for a brief moment, maybe they'd see the big picture and realize there are things that need to be done and they could help out by pitching in -- not added to the headache!

4:08 PM  

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