Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Have a Crush!

OMG! I *feel* funny posting this but must share! How many have been watching NZ Idol (http://www.nzidol.com/contestant_bio.php?id=9)???? I am sooooooooo head over heels for Steve!! I'm sorry ya'll but I feel like a teenager again. Something has been sparked inside of me lol! And last night when they sang the song by Zed, I just melted everytime the camera went to him! I'm naughty though cause I'm thinking of his youthfulness and inexperience! And I won't fill ya in on the details running through my head lol! All I know is if I weren't married I would probably be a groupie! I have asked Hugh to indulge in my fantasy by dying his hair blonde and letting it grow long lol! I'm also drooling over James Blunt too! Here's a link for those that aren't too sure on who he is http://www.musicremedy.com/audio/3616. You will have to download the video to see him but it's well worth it ;) and the song is great too! I say keep the sexual fantasies coming lol!!!!!! I will take all that I can get and I bet ya all know who I am voting for on NZ Idol???


Blogger Hannah said...

ROFL! I can't believe you have a crush on Steve! I prefer Nik myself!! He he.
I applied to join your MSN group but forgot to identify myself! It will have "ahoneybumble" as the user name - that's me!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hah ha! I'll take a bet now and bet that you have downloaded Steve's wallpaper for your computer... right??? ; )
His voice sounds so familiar... almost Counting Crows-like? What do you reckon? He is a bit of a cutie, I agree. I got the James Blunt CD the other weekend and on "You're Beautiful" there is a change in the lyrics from the radio version (instead of 'flying high' he's...well... ya know!!)
So will Hugh indulge in your fantasy? ; )

2:36 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

LOL, hehehe, too funny! Rachel, no I do not have Steve's wallpaper but hmmmmm, maybe I should look into that! I've got it so bad, I'm staying awake thinking about him LOL! And I can't even begin to tell you about the sexual fantasies and how I corrupt him lol and me being older is great too! Although I didn't realize he was only 19, such a boy!

I did know about the lyrics for You're Beautiful too. I had a look for the lyrics and seen that *&#@ing high part and went 'hmmmmm, that's not what he says on the video' lol.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Well Christi dear, I do have to admit he's mighty cute! Unfortunately, I don't get New Zealand Idol over here, but I'm guessing if I did, i'd have a favorite too! Why is it all the cute Kiwi's and Aussies have to be from WAY over there ;)!

6:29 AM  

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