Friday, October 07, 2005

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Ok, those that have read my post about missing out on NZ Idol tickets will know how upset I was :( I cried for days over not getting to see Steve lol. Ok, no I didn't but I am such in the mood for drama! Well last night before heading off to bed, I looked at their website and entered the comp for the second time in a row (you can only enter once a day). While I was off picking Kamryn up at daycare, Hugh got a phone call from TVNZ saying I had won tickets to the final show!!!!!!!!!! BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!! I am over the moon and can't wait now! So every New Zealander has to make sure Steve stays in cause I'm not as keen to go if it's Rosita and Nik, again sorry Hannah. Don't get me wrong, I will still go but would much rather go there to see Steve lol. Maybe he can sweat my way!!!!!! Now I'm wondering if I can drop 35kg in 10 days?????? What the hell will I wear???? Who's going to watch the kids????? Is there anyway I can get Hugh distracted long enough to sneak backstage???? Is a snog with someone who is famous bad when you are married???? I'm not so sure it is lol!!!! Come on when does this opportunity ever come around???? Not only that but I don't win competitions. I actually have to compete and work my butt off to win. And funnily enough my husband is even hoping I get to see Steve. I think he knows I want to see him so he is hoping Nik goes next week too. I get my tickets on Tuesday. I'm curious to know where our seats will be and don't really want to be on TV. We'll tape it though just to see if we are lol.

*FYI* Did anyone read Woman's Day this week??? So Steve is a virgin????? Hmmmm, I've been known to entice many a man lol so maybe he won't be able to resist me???? Ahhhh, I can dream..........if only I was 16 again ;)


Blogger Rachel said...

Wow! Congratulations, Christi!
When is the final show being played on the TV? I don't normally watch Idol, but I think I'll tape or watch the final show, too : )

8:18 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Congratulations Christi! I bet you are all nervous with butterflies in your tummy at the prospect of seeing Steve in the flesh, LOL! And bless your hubby for going along with it all!
Actually, I had just finished reading the Woman's Day when I came online and was going to let you in on Steve's little secret!
I hope you have a great time, and for your sake I hope Steve gets in the final 2 :)

12:54 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Rachel - I'm sure it is going to air the same night it's taped cause I think it's live which will be the 17th. So it's a Monday night.

Hannah - DH reminded me that even if Steve does go on Monday night that I will still see him for the final because they usually have them all back and they sing a group song. So it's still a bonus although if he wasn't the final 2 he wouldn't sing as many songs! I just still find it hard to believe I won. I guess it will be more real when I have the tickets in my hand on Tuesday lol.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Way to go Christi! I should probably read these blogs backwards! LOL! I'm so happy that you are going to get to see NZ Idol! I hope that Steve is still there when you get to it. Luck is definitely on your side! You'll have to let me know how great it is! I'm sure having a crush on someone famous isn't a bad thing -- it's not like you intend to act on it if he throws himself at you.....would you? ;) Congrats again!

6:37 AM  

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