Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's a Sad Day :(

All of New Zealand must have heard me shriek in utter disbelief last night as Steve was eliminated from NZ Idol!!!!!! It was not good! I was lucky enough to attend the show last night with Emma as she had won tickets that morning to Monday nights show after calling the radio station. I was glad I got to go. And Steve sounds even that much better in person. And I swear he was singing 'Burn for You' to me lol! I tried getting an autograph but was unable to. They only stayed outside for like 5 minutes! Next week I should get to see all of them at the final so that should mean seeing Steve again. I do hope he makes a CD. I will be buying it. I'm not keen on Nik winning. He doesn't sound so great to me but Rosita sounds awesome! I'm thinking a move to Invercargill is in order to mend my broken heart lol!

On the flip side though, Lauryn is 11 months old today! Time is going too quickly. I am often bothered by the fact that my baby is mobile and moving around and will be a year old in a months time. Where has the time gone? When I look at things in different perspectives, it's amazing how we view time. Like exercise for instance or losing weight. A year to lose weight seems like it takes forever. Hell, even 3 months is a long time to me. But 3 months in my baby's life is nothing! It goes quickly! I do take comfort in the fact that we will have another baby one day. That is what is helping me to handle Lauryn growing up. Otherwise I would be a complete mess! I find there are no more quiet cuddly times as she prefers to be crawling and into things. I still try to give as many cuddles as I can even if it's in a play manner just so she knows I still enjoy them and hopefully she'll be back to enjoying them. She still is a mommy's girl though and it shows!


Blogger Hannah said...

LOL Christi, I emailed you to ask how you were holding up after last night! But you were there in the audience - that's fantastic! So you did get to see him sing by himself. I know you are bummed that he didn't win but look at all the other Idol shows around the world and the 2nd or 3rd placed performer has done just as well if not better than the winner! So I'm sure he'll make a CD.

Happy 11 months to Lauryn! I know exactly how you feel about babies growing up so fast. But I am not having any more so it is really sad to know the whole baby stage is over. Never mind, I do enjoy the next stage as well!

11:56 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

HEHEHE! Hannah, I tried getting DH to don a blonde wig last night but he wasn't budging lol! I got your e-mail, e-mailing you back now........

12:03 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I was thinking of you, but as Hannah says, often the runners-up have more success from the whole Idol experience.
11 months already??? I often say that there aren't enough hours in the day to do all that I have, and want, to do.

1:22 PM  

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