Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dry Nights

I know we are told to wait to go without diapers overnight once the child is having dry diapers in the mornings. Well Kamryn doesn't have dry ones at all. Not even on the off chance. So while I was watching Supernanny on Thursday, she had the mother taking her daughter to the toilet about 2 hours after she fell asleep. So I told Hugh that maybe it would be worth a try to see what happens. I'm really tired of buying diapers and let's face it, them overnight ones aren't cheap either! Last night before bed I told Kamryn she didn't need a diaper tonight and she looked at Hugh with amazement and happiness and said 'I don't have to wear a diaper tonight, yay!'. So she was pretty happy she didn't have to wear it. And she really enjoyed being able to leave her panties on for the night.

Roughly two hours after she nodded off, I went and picked her up to use the toilet. She wasn't happy. It wasn't as easy as it was on Supernanny and she cried/wimpered the whole time (I think mostly cause she was still half asleep). She said 'mommy, I don't have to go pee'. So I said ok and picked her up and put her back in her bed and said if she needed to pee then she needed to call out for mommy or daddy and we would come and take her. Well about 1AM she woke up crying so I had Hugh run to take her pee. She went but then she wanted to come into our bed and didn't want to be in her bed. She was screaming and carrying on so I got up and took care of the situation lol. Again, I think she was mostly asleep but knew she had to pee. After I left her room she went to sleep.

This morning she came to my room roughly before 9 and said 'mommy, I need to pee'. So she used my bathroom. When I got up, I said 'did you pee in bed last night'. And she said 'nope, I didn't pee'. I told her what a good girl she was and she said 'I don't need diapers any more, yay!'. LOL, so we are keen to keep up with it and see how it goes. She has been very proud of herself that she went the whole night without an accident. I realize there will be accidents but I love that she now feels she is in control of it and doesn't have to wear the yucky diapers anymore!


Blogger Hannah said...

That is awesome, Christi!!
I could have written that first sentence myself about Ethan! He always wakes up with the fullest, wettest nappy you have ever seen! We had months & months of wet PJs and sheets every morning, because it had soaked through and leaked so much due to being so full.
Since he has been toilet trained during the day, his night nappy is not quite as full, but still VERY wet.
Your story gives me hope that we can go nappy-free at night too! He's not ready to try yet, but at least now I know it CAN be done. I have only heard stories about kids who wake up with dry nappies so I was starting to think he would never get there.

7:37 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

LOL, yeah I have only heard of stories (or maybe myths lol) about dry morning diapers. Kamryn still would be having them, I know it. But on some levels I also feel she is old enough to take control over it as well. She did have an accident last night but we forgot to go in after the 2 hours to get her to go. Must remember tonight! But after that one accident there wasn't another one. I honestly think if we waited for a dry diaper to let her go overnight we may be waiting until she is nearly 6 lol! Think of all that money lol???

10:09 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hi there! Well done, Kamryn!
Well, Luke seems to wake up with dry nappies most mornings... but I'm too chicken to let him sleep in undies, though! We just use the normal huggies nappies on him overnight, and not those fancy pull-ups - so not much money is used. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and let him wear undies?? I'm not too keen on waking him up from sleep to use the toilet a couple of hours after he has gone to bed... again ,too chicken! What I should REALLY do is get one of those breathable waterproof mattress protectors!

7:33 PM  
Blogger Jamie Phelps said...

Congrats Kamryn!!! And...Christi!! Potty training is such a huge step and the fact that she's making it through the night is even more impressive. Blake still has a lot of accidents at night -- of course, thats cause no one works with him! Glad to hear she's well on her way to being "diaper free"!

2:04 PM  

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