Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christi Needs

Following the ever popular trend set forth by my fellow blogger friends, I'm checking google to see what I need...... (go to google and type in your name and needs after it)

Christi needs open mind (I reckon I am pretty open minded.)
Christi needs an af2 team (I'm not totally sure what an AF2 team is, maybe football but sure I'll take a team as long as I don't have to play ;)
Christi needs qualified individuals to fill positions (What positions? House cleaner? Babysitter? Sex slave? If that's the case then yes I fully expect them to be qualified.)
Christi needs a second tourism (Now, I don't just let anyone tour me!)
Christi needs a Zoological Park (Sure why not? My husband would probably love it.)
Christi needs some perspective (On what?)
Christi needs your help as we grow! (Any financial support will be greatly appreciated!)
Christi needs constant attention and regular maintenance (ONLY every once and a while!)
Christi needs your support! (Again, any financial support will do.)
Christi needs to both defeat visiting Bossier-Shreveport on Sunday (Well I'm not expecting company but if someone has to defeat them then I can do it!)
Christi needs to take bold new measures to deal with the problem (Hmmmm, sometimes, I think yes.)
Christi needs to publish a public service announcement on flyers and distribute them amongst the young men about town (Owww, is there something going on with the young men in town?)
Christi needs to sort out her feelings and lose herself in a world she feels very secure and safe in. (I do feel pretty safe and secure in my world and don't think I would like being lost lol!)
Christi needs some good looking guys (Anytime I can get them!)
Christi needs wholehearted commitment from all of us, and sometimes it can feel like more than we are able to give. (AMEN!)
Christi NEEDS four checking up on her (Four what? LOL, no really, four what and why?)
Christi needs to stop telling people she has a tail (And with that my friends, you all now know my secret!)


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