Friday, November 11, 2005

And the Festivities are Over!

THANK GOODNESS! I was more stressed today without a party! Probably more so because if my husband knows people are due to come over then he really pitches in. But otherwise it doesn't bother him. Where I am thinking about all and anything that will be captured on video or in photos.

Anyway, it's over! I'm glad it's over! Lauryn was crabby and pushed to breaking point. Kamryn kept wanting to open the presents (taking turns) thinking half the gifts were hers. Lauryn wouldn't even sit long enough for a great shot. Although I did get many good ones. She only smiled once throughout the whole day. It must be the stage she is at or something cause she didn't smile at all at PixiFoto the other day either. But she loooooooooved her cake! I made her a marble chocolate cake and she did not hesitate to dig in once the candles were out! She pigged out on cake and ice cream. AND now they are both wired!!!!!!!! But she did look ultra cute in her wee little pigtails. Her dress is also the same one that Kamryn wore on her first birthday. So we will be keeping it a tradition and in the family if there is another daughter down the road she'll wear it too.

She got many nice gifts. Her all time favorite for the day is this battery operated Winnie the Pooh book that Grammy Marge got her. She loves it! She also really likes the yellow Care Bear that Grammy Marge got her and the black and red peek-a-boo blocks that we got her. OH, and the little yellow ducks that her and Kamryn keep playing with lol! It was a nice day but I am glad it's over now and maybe next year will be better. Maybe ;)


Blogger Hannah said...

Your girls are so cute!! Lauryn does look darling with those little pigtails and what a beautiful dress :) Kamryn is a cutie as well - it looks like her hair is red? WOW Lauryn got a ton of presents! What a lucky girl. And the cake looks divine, its making me hungry :)
Got your email, the other photos are great too. Will reply later.

Hope you had a lovely birthday, Lauryn! You're a big girl now!

8:53 AM  

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