Thursday, December 01, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have been trying to keep up with everything that goes on in my life. I am not doing a wonderful job at it. I would like to take a moment and acknowledge my friends though. It seems I am not one for juggling everything nor to I claim to be supermom! And don't think you have been ignored or fallen by the way-side, because everything in my life has lol! Working moms get a big thumbs up from me as I am finding just a meer 7 weeks of this hard to handle!

Jamie - It seems we are never online at the same moment any more. You are the one person I can e-mail and let off steam to though. I don't expect a response but it is nice to know I can e-mail you and you can at least know where I am at the moment. Plus it's always nice to get it out even if it doesn't always help 100% but it does help! Yes, I still have your Christmas box here. I will get it posted in the next couple of weeks but you definitely won't be getting it before Christmas lol. Thanks for looking after me in my times of need which seem to be frequently these days! Miss ya and hope to catch up soon!

Renee - Ok, I'm not sure where you went lol!!! It's been ions since I have talked to and I know you are just as flat out as I am if not more so. I'm slack on e-mailing you, I know. Really it's my fault as I am too tired to even bother mostly. I hope to catch up with you soon though. I miss chatting with ya and the way we can joke around. I think I need a good laugh and probably a hug. Although I know you can't manage the hug ;)

Rachel - I just think between the both of us working at the moment, a catch up is near impossible! I'm exhausted so I'm sure you are too. I do think about you frequently and wonder how you all are. I am constantly checking your blog to keep up with you. I'm trying to get Hugh to consider a holiday in Wellington in February so we may be your way soon! Hugs and hope to catch up when we can!

Melissa - You will be home in 29 days and counting! I really can't wait until you get back! I've missed ya heaps and am sooooooooo looking forward to spending lots of time with you! I do hope we can catch up in January. I just want you to return safely! Smooches!

Hannah - Ok, I think you are the newest friend I have :) Hopefully we too can catch up some day. Again this fete my prove difficult until the end of January but nonetheless we should do it!

Ok, I believe that covers everyone I keep in touch with on a regular basis. There are others that I keep in touch with often but not as often as this lot lol! So 'YAY' to you if you made into the 'list' lol!!! Joking! Have a great one and miss ya all!


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