Saturday, December 03, 2005

She Did It!!!!

I have finally gotten Kamryn to sit on Santa's lap!!! Thursday night the Plaza had a Christmas night where all the stores were open late and there was fairy painting and Santa and singing. I was a bit worried going by myself with both girls. I get like this and don't do well with large numbers of people. But I soldiered on as I knew Kamryn wanted to go. And man was she a trooper!!! I tell ya what, I couldn't have asked for a better daughter on the night.

The first stop was a fairy painting. And she knew exactly what she wanted, double hearts. I had to tell the fairy what she wanted and the fairy said it would be a first for her! Kamryn was dressed for the occasion too. She had on her fairy dress and her tiara (we made it earlier that day!). And with your fairy face painting you got a free pair of fairy wings! She was so thrilled.

Next we were off to find the clown. We seen him when we came in but didn't stop as we were on a mission for a fairy face painting. I kept talking to her about Santa but she kept saying I needed to talk to him instead of her. Well we couldn't locate the clown but we did see Santa and he walked up to her and gave her some candy and she said 'thanks, Santa'.

Before we left I asked her if she wanted to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She said 'yep, I'm not shy any more'. So off to make Santa sit down! And she sat on his lap! She was a bit hesitant the whole time but she didn't freak out like she did last year in hysterics! And she even said 'Santa, I want a bike'. And he asked her what color and she said 'I want a pink one'. She was excellent! Said bye to him and we left. It was fabulous! I was so proud of her. Not to mention the way she behaved either. She held onto the stroller the whole time so I didn't lose her and didn't fight with me about anything. Like I said, I couldn't have asked for a better daughter on the night, she was perfect!


Blogger Hannah said...

Awww, that is so sweet!! What a great photo. I'm taking the boys up in a couple of weeks (I didn't want to go too early because after the Christmas party Ethan thought it was Christmas the next day, LOL).
That's wonderful that Kamryn was such a perfect angel for you. I love it when they do that!!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Just gorgeous! I wonder if we'll have the same luck with Luke? That's one of the great things about having girls: being able to dress them up in pink!
Sorry about being incognito/AWOL these days. It's the usual madness that accompanies this season, and there isn't enough of me to go around! Luke started kindy offically today! I said: "Kiss me goodbye. I'll pick you up later" and he was fine! I just hope that the rest of his afternoon went well and that it'll be like Playcentre for him. Whoops... Daniel is awake earlier than expected. I hope he goes back to sleep for a little longer...

2:35 PM  

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