Friday, December 16, 2005

Steve Up Close

Tonight was the NZ Idol concert. And can you believe we were exactly TWO ROWS from the stage!?!?!?!? I was most impressed that I could be so close. I have to admit on group songs, I had pure tunnel vision for Steve. I even got a few smiles!!! Carol actually stood up and went to touch his hand. She tried to share with me but it wasn't the same :(

The show was fabulous! Ashley looked bored as hell, Nik looked ultra hot in his tight pants (and might I add what a fine ass he has!), Jessie rocked and Steve was just ultra hot! I think his lips are his best feature and soooooooo loving the hair! Oh yeah, there were 3 others lol.

Afterwards we stood in line for autographs. I'm not brazen at all. I talk a good game but deep down I am ultra shy and introverted. I didn't want anyone else's autograph but Steve's. When I got to him I said 'legibly please', just joking of course, trying to get him to notice me. Then he looked at me and went 'huh?'. After he signed it he moved it on to Jessie and Jessie said 'is this just for Steve?'. Of course I said no and he signed too. After a short crying spell lol.

I had an awesome night and I keep telling the girls we need to get out for a night out. A REAL NIGHT OUT! So I think I have them suckered into my birthday lol. We'll see but not I am off to fantasize and dream about Steve............sweet dreams, ya all!

PS: Might I mention we were allowed cameras. But guess where mine was? AT HOME! DOH!!?!?!?!?


Blogger Hannah said...

Hehehe, glad you had a good time at the concert, Christi!
Yes, Nik is hot - and you finally noticed! LOL :)

7:37 AM  

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