Sunday, January 01, 2006


Ok, I know it has come and gone but I haven't had much time to post. I'm glad it is past and really looked forward to Christmas this year. The girls got sooooooooo much. It took Kamryn 2 hours to open gifts. And we had to stop in the middle so I could put the turkey in the oven and put Lauryn down for a nap. Then we had a point where Kamryn had to go to her room to calm down as she was getting WAY too excited and was acting like a baby and thought everything under the tree should be hers. There were way too many gifts and next Christmas will be limited to like 7-8 each or something of that nature. It's not the money for us but more of how much we actually get them. As it was, Kamryn seemed to enjoy Lauryn's gifts the most. She thought the quad was only for Lauryn and was rather restrained in not sitting on it. But when I told her it was for both she was all over it then! It was a good day though. We had a nice lunch and just relaxed the entire day. It was good considering I had to go to work on Boxing Day! Enjoy the photos!


Blogger Hannah said...

Great photos, Christi!
It sounds like your girls had a great day and got thoroughly spoiled (as did my boys, thanks to grandies and aunties/uncles and friends, LOL).
Your pool looks fantastic. We used to have a pool like that, but it got a bad hole in it and we were sick of having to patch it up all the time. We had it for years before we had kids - we used to carry it down to the beach and use it like a boat!! Hence the hole :)
We have lots of flat land here, maybe one day you could bring your pool down and the kids could have a party!

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