Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Kamryn's last day of daycare was last week. And today they did a play for the parents for Christmas. Kamryn was the cow. She didn't do much but her outfit sure was cute! She's not very outgoing and shys away from this sort of thing. What makes a child introverted rather than extroverted? I want her to come out of her shell and be confident in doing things. Still, I much rather have a child that is nice in public and acts right than have one that is an angel at home only to find out when she is at daycare she's a right bully or loud and obnoxious!

For me, I want Kamryn to be a happy medium. I don't want her to feel she can only have one friend or forced to stay friends with someone even though she doesn't want to. On the flip side, I also don't want her to bully kids and be mean as such. We often talk to her about this. She's quite a loving, giving, caring and nice little girl. She often comments how pretty other little girls look or if she likes their clothes. She also goes out of her way and says 'hi' to many people (even if it's not always returned, adults do this too!). She loves giving things to others, she likes making them things. I really feel some little girls are nasty out there. I seen one today at the play. These are the things I don't want to see. Cause as a mother I feel I should step in but I know sometimes you just have to stand back and hope they can handle themselves.

And back to the play lol! Afterwards there was food and even Santa made a visit minus one Santa hat lol! It was nice even though a bit crowded. Here's a photo of Kamryn has a cow and one of her with her gift from Santa and by the star she made for the back drop.


Blogger Hannah said...

Awww, Kamryn sounds like a very sweet & lovely little girl! I would love to meet her! Although I would be worried about my rambunctious boys having a bad influence on her almost perfect little personality!!
She looks VERY CUTE as a Christmas cow. Are you going to scrapbook that photo?? :)

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