Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Had a Dream

After reading Hannah's post about Ethan's story, I thought 'I think Kamryn must be a ways off of that kind of storytelling'. Then this morning she woke up and said:

Mommy, you know I had a dream. I was on a boat at Grandma and Pawpaw's. And I was all by myself. Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Pawpaw weren't there. I was so lonely.

Then I thought, 'hmmm maybe she does have something'. As I sat down to write her 'dream', she started telling me another story:

You remember my maytoe (tomato)? It growed bigger and bigger and I can't lift her up. She was too big! (Then I laughed.) Why are you laughing, Mommy?

As she finished telling me, I realized then that this IS her storytelling. It may not be long and elaborate but it is her using her imagination and that's all I hope for. I'm sure the older she gets the more detailed they will become. I guess I never recognized it as storytelling as such because we hear it often and I probably just overlooked it. Most 'stories' she does talk about are real people and things, so that part of it is hardly ever made up. Now I think I will pay closer attention (not that I didn't before) but now I will recognize more.


Blogger Hannah said...

That's really neat, Christi!
I definitely think that is "storytelling" and it sounds like she has a great imagination. Sometimes I really wonder what goes on inside their heads, they must just have so many thoughts and ideas racing around!
So cute how she says "tomato", I love that!

1:56 PM  

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