Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Pool

The girls got a new pool for Christmas. And since we live in a 'hilly' part of New Zealand, it's very difficult to have level ground. This pool needs level ground to work. It's one of them that is that is large at the bottom and smaller on top and the blow up ring around the top keeps it up. I'm not completely sure it should work but it does. The in-laws bought if for the girls and it's the best! Since we do not have level land out back, we decided to set it up in our garage since it is level lol. It's been great but the only problem is that the sun isn't heating it so it's been rather cold when we get in. The day we filled it up we did half cold and half hot and it was soooooooo nice! Kamryn loves it though. She's gone swimming every day since we set it up. Maybe one day we will live where there is flat land!


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