Sunday, February 05, 2006

She's Having a Baby

Nope, not me lol. It's Kamryn. Ok, well not her either but I will explain. Yesterday she was on the potty going poo and I was waiting for her so I could wipe her bum.

K: "My belly really hurts, Mommy. I think it's because my baby is ready to come out."
Me: "Really? You think that's why?"
K: "Yeah, because I think she is saying 'let me out!'"

It's funny how she talks these days. This morning she was saying "Mommy, we need to make another baby......but we need cookie dough. I don't think we have any but maybe we can make some more cookie dough."

I'm not sure what is about all this talk of babies! She has never talked about when Lauryn was born as we never know how much she remembers. But lately (last few months) she has talked about me going to the hospital and having Lauryn and her coming to see me. She knows it in great detail. It's fascinating to me that at the time she said nothing so we didn't figure it would something that would stick in her mind. But it obviously has. And out of everything that happened that day, she never mentions the pain I was in, that she was scared or anything about me laboring at home in the pool. Obviously those parts weren't 'out of the norm' for her but the hospital was something that made an impression. But no there won't be any babies anytime soon, from me or my daughter!


Blogger Lisa said...

It's amazing what sticks out in their heads and how they interpret things isn't it? Zachary told me he wanted another baby, a girl this time....and "can you please make sure it talks this time!"

8:52 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

That's so funny! I'm not sure how much Ethan really remembers from the time when Tyler was born. I remember at the time thinking he was so "big" and "grown up" but he was only 2 and a half!
I don't think Ethan would want another baby - he has quite enough trouble keeping his precious toys away from Tyler!! Lucky for him I don't intend to pop any more out!

11:23 AM  

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