Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Met the Tooth Fairy

We made an appointment to take Kamryn to the doctor on Wednesday so we could be reassured that she is getting better and that it was safe to take her back to day care. So this is what progressd yesterday:

Me: 'Kamryn, we need to take you to the doctor today.'
K: 'I get to see Graeme today?'
Me: 'No, the other doctor that looked at your mouth.'
K: 'Ohhhhh, I get to see the tooth fairy?' (she asked with this hint of excitement in her voice)

LOL, ok, right here, I died laughing!!!!!! I couldn't help it. How funny and cute is that? She thinks her new doctor is the tooth fairy!

At the doctors office we go in to see Dr. Hall. He has a look at her mouth and says she is well enough to join the world again and is no longer infectious. WONDERFUL! After the check she whispers to me 'Mommy, can I ask the tooth fairy for a treat for me being a good girl?'. He didn't hear what she said so I told him what she said. Then explained that she thinks he is the tooth fairy. He just kinda smirked (not sure how much a man likes being referred to as a fairy). When we left she said she liked the tooth fairy and it was ok for him to be her new doctor lol. Love it!


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