Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hi-5 in Auckland

The big day finally came! Kamryn was off to Hi-5 on Friday afternoon for their Space Magic tour! Hugh said he had really good seats and that Kamryn really enjoyed it. She pouted a bit and did dance. When I called Hugh on the way home she just had to talk to me and tell me that she saw Kelly, Chats and JupJup lol. Hugh also said she cried when they left the stage. What a sweetie!!! But no autographs :( I thought for sure they would go above and beyond for their young fans! Hugh did get some fabulous photos which were great considering you weren't allowed to use a flash. He didn't get any of Kamryn actually at the show so I took one when she got home minus the star ponies though. Hugh also bought $45 worth of souvenirs lol which I wasn't expecting. If they come next year then I think both Lauryn and Kamryn will be going. I know Kamryn will want to go for sure!


Blogger Hannah said...

That's a great photo of the show! I didn't even try and take any because I was sure they wouldn't come out without the flash.
Damn, I wish I had! Maybe I can get a copy of that one, for my scrapbook page I am going to make of our day. I've got pics of Ethan on the boat, and holding his Hi5 book, and I've kept the programme and ticket stubs, too.
I'm glad Kamryn had such a great time :-)
We'll probably go next year if he is still interested .... I get the feeling his tastes might change a little over the next year, being a boy and everything :-)

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