Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So This Man & Woman Walk into a Tattoo Joint...

And which one of them walked out with the tattoo????


Hehehehe! I've wanted a tattoo for a long time but haven't really made an effort to do anything about it. Hugh finally decided what he wanted so we went along to a tattoo place that is just new here. Before we knew it we were having a consult about what we wanted. I only wanted something small and as a 'test spot' cause I would really like one on my lower back but wasn't sure about the pain. Then he says they can use an anesthetic cream to numb the area. Then he goes 'well where are you wanting it?' I said on the ankle and he goes yeah that will hurt. Ok, I'll have the cream lol! I really thought after having two kids my pain threshhold was pretty high.

Well today was our appointment. While he was preparing all the materials for the tattoos, he informs me that he forgot to get the anesthetic cream! Great! Now, I am trying to back out of it because both him and Hugh had me thinking I couldn't handle the pain. I initially wanted to do it without anything to see how it felt now I guess I was going to anyway. I decided on a spider. A Katipo spider native to New Zealand. I figured something simple and small would equal less pain just to see how I could handle it.

After the sketch was done on transfer paper, I hopped on the table and laid down. After prepping the area the needle work began! And here's the wasn't so bad! I definitely think I underestimate myself when it comes to pain. Now I can't do blood and gore but pain I can handle. The only times it was slightly painful was nearly the thinner parts of skin and when he would go over an area he had already done. And he did say that I got it in the worst place for pain so now if I want another one, I should be fine. Really, I couldn't believe the lack of pain involved and I'm happy I did it without the anesthetic. And I LOVE my spider! It's absolutely perfect! I can not believe how awesome it turned out! By the way, there's no blood either. he was telling us that there should be minimal bleeding but your aim is for none.

*Hugh got a snow monkey underneath his original tattoo that he got 10 years ago.*


Blogger Rachel said...

Whoa! What a surprise! I had no idea you planned on getting a tattoo! I also love your title for this blog, by the way (it sounds like the beginning of a joke). The spider looks really well done, and you sound really happy with it. Truth is, I really hate spiders. I'm so scared of them. Next time I see you I might see that spider tat of yours and think it's a real one and freak out ; ) Let's hope not : )
PS: I've updated my blog, and have uploaded some photos to Flickr. You've given me the push that I needed. Aren't you proud of me ; )

...just wait until I tell Bruce about your tattoos tonight (he's still at work - groan!)

10:02 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

So awesome! I love it, it looks really good. I'm planning to get one on my back, but I haven't designed it yet (Rob is supposed to help me). You have motivated me to do it now!
How much was it (if you don't mind me asking?) and what is the name of the new place? Is it on the Coast?

6:59 AM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Rachel - I hate spiders too lol! I know a funny choice to get a spider then! This particular spider is soooooo tiny in real life though. But of course you have to make it bigger ;) I really don't like them at all but wanted something simple. This was about as simple as I could get and I LOVE that it's a NZ native. That makes it more special. Plus he did turn out rather cute lol. Yes, I wanted to surprise everyone. I thought if I told everyone and then backed out I would look chicken. I'm not going to tell my mom though and see if she hears about it through the grapevine.

Hannah - Awwwww, I'm so glad you think it's awesome! The comments and looks I have received already make me mad. I think I've already gone down a few rungs on the social ladder. Not that I was very high anyway ;) But really no one will be able to see if when I am wearing jeans. Now, when I can I expect yours lol??? I do recommend a test first even if it's something small, unique and has meaning.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...


I too want one on my lower back...kind of a cross between a celtic knot and my kids' names. :)

9:16 AM  
Blogger Renee Loquasto said...

Your tat is cute. I know how you hate pain, you did an awesome job. But hey, after 2 childbirths there's not much you can't handle. Besides if my mom could get one, anyone could! So are you addicted now? I think I might be.
Love Ya, Renee

4:06 AM  

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