Friday, March 10, 2006

Lauryn's Layout

Ok, I have finished Lauryn's 25 things layout. It's not as 'awe' exciting as Kamryn's but I still love it. Kamryn's 'came to me' like a brick hitting pavement. Lauryn's 'came to me' but not as clean or clear as Kamryn's did. I struggled to finish this one but am happy it is done. Oh, have I mentioned how much I love Basic Grey papers??? Can anyone guess my top 3? Even Hugh struggled with that question lol. So where is everyone else's layouts on their 25 things??? I thought I inspired you all last time with Kamryn's. I'm still waiting............


Blogger Hannah said...

Oh Christi, you DID inspire me last time, and this LO inspires me to finish mine!!
They are sitting, half-finished, on my scrapbooking table. I've typed out the "20 things" for each of the boys, chosen the PP and cardstock, and even the photos! I just have to put it all together. Shows how little time I have to scrapbook, huh? I really miss it!

10:43 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

OK, I've done mine!! I spent a few hours on Sunday finishing them off while my darling hubby took the boys to the park :-)
They are in my gallery (
Tyler's one is blurry, sorry!
Thanks for inspiring me - I only wish mine had turned out as great as yours. Sigh.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hey Christi
you're a natural! You've got a good eye for colour, that much I can say!!!
Another fantastic example of your scrapbooking : )

4:17 PM  
Blogger nzmommy said...

Awwww, shucks, Rachel, thanks! I've been trying to get more color into my layouts but now I can't stop the color lol. And would you believe it took me over a year of scrapbooking before I started to use pattern paper??? It does help when you have awesome paper to work with! Now I'm thinking of painting. Are you self-taught or did you take a class? I'm thinking of taking a class but I have never been really good at painting.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hi Christi
I did Art as a subject until the end of highschool (even got First in Art in my final year). But we didn't really use oil paints at school (too expensive and took too long to dry), and used acrylics instead (cheaper and faster drying). But my Mum really taught me about oil paints (she went to Art school in the 1960s, and is now doing a postgrad diploma at Otago). I'm not as good as she is - nowhere close! But I'd love to get back into it again. Maybe I should convert the upstairs room into a studio??? hmmmmm Anyways, you don't need to buy loads of tubes of paint to start out with (just a few select colours). You don't even have to buy the top quality paints either. Duck canvases are cheap, too. You can buy canvases cheaply from Warehouse Stationery, The Warehouse and even Spotlight. I tend to buy my paints online from You can also buy good priced stuff from and don't have to be a teacher or anything.
Better go, because Daniel is playing with the keys and mouse!

10:47 AM  

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